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 Fernando Alonso - “The conditions were pretty difficult for everyone today. With the position in the championship, we didn't need to risk. Once again I had help from McLaren and was able to take two more points.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Conditions were pretty difficult today,”
 Fernando Alonso - “The car was perfect, ... Tomorrow I am full of confidence for all the team.”
 Fernando Alonso - “We don't have the quickest car but we're taking the opportunities McLaren is giving to us. Tomorrow I hope to have a good start and can even think to win the race.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I think tomorrow we have a good chance to be on the podium and hopefully fighting for the win,”
 Fernando Alonso - “It was a bit of a surprise for us that we had problems in Hungary. But in reality, I think the car could have been pretty competitive with a trouble-free race.”
 Fernando Alonso - “These eight points are like a victory to me.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Honda, Ferrari, McLaren and Renault have been the four big teams in winter testing, and now we must check in the opening races.”
 Fernando Alonso - “You know how it is with women,”
 Gonzalo Alonso - “The market was quiet due to the uncertain economic situation. It was not supported by the recent strengthening in oil prices or the strengthening in other world stock markets.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Fernando is at Renault another year. In 2007 he would want to stay - as long as Renault are competitive. But if by then, or 2008, Ferrari are above our level then anything is possible. This year the tyre was a big factor for Ferrari. But there was a lot else wrong with their car. They need a lot of work to catch up.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It is an important race in that I can become champion, but if I don't win on Sunday it is not the end of the world. I will race many years to come.”
 Fernando Alonso - “All season has been a dream come true for Renault, even more because it is four years since Renault came into Formula One and now we are champions. It was not an easy job to do.”
 Fernando Alonso - “In Spain, three years ago, there was no coverage for the races. Now we have 7 million people watching the race and Barcelona is completely full.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The last 10 laps went really slowly. I just wanted to cross the line and enjoy the victory with the team and the grandstand opposite the pits where most of the people were coming from the Renault factory.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I think he did a good race, and if he started from the front it would have been a close fight again, between two or three cars, so we'll wait for the next (race) and the opportunity to see him in a more competitive start.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I waited for an opportunity and it didn't come. We were still the quickest on the track today, so it looks good for the championship.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It was my only opportunity to win the race. I was going for it. I really knew the car was faster than Michael's with the tires, especially the first laps.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It was my only opportunity to win the race. I was going for it. I really knew the car was faster than Michael.”
 Fernando Alonso - “For the drivers, it will not change too much. I think the challenge is more for the teams and engineers, finding the right strategy and working very quickly. Last year, we had one opportunity for a quick lap. Now, we have at least three occasions when we have to set a lap time.”
 Alfredo Alonso - “I like to come up with new formats that are tailor-made for each market. In Houston, we saw there was an opportunity to go after Latinos that were bilingual regardless of generation.”
 Alfredo Alonso - “When the population is over 40 million, people take notice, including advertisers and broadcasters.”
 Xabi Alonso - “We all know what this game means. It's always a big occasion but I think this one is even more important than normal.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The good news for me is that the new car was still easy to drive. The performance felt good, although this is the first test with a brand new car and there are still lots of areas to improve.”
 Gonzalo Alonso - “The tone of the market was already negative, and that was reinforced today by the news from Brazil.”

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