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 Fernando Alonso - “The motivation is even higher than ever this year because we have the number one and two in the team and all the mechanics and engineers are working with much more interest than last year.”
 Fernando Alonso - “For the team it has been a fantastic season. It was not crucial but quite important for the team for the motivation for next year.”
 Fernando Alonso - “A pretty disappointing result for me really. I made a mistake on my first timed lap at the end of the session and that meant I had to do another one.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Sometimes possibilities come along which are just too good to miss. It will be a new beginning for me and a tremendous challenge.”
 Fernando Alonso - “At the beginning I had a better car, in the middle of the season he had a better car with more mechanical problems than me, so I won the drivers championship a little bit before the end.”
 Fernando Alonso - “As Michael said, it was difficult to overtake, almost impossible unless you make a mistake. I waited for an opportunity, it didn't come but I am happy it is still eight points is better for me.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It's difficult to overtake if not impossible. Michael didn't make any mistakes. I was on the limit.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Knowing what it takes to win a title, I think they need a year running at the top first. Next year is more realistic for them. They'll make a big step at some point.”
 Fernando Alonso - “As Michael said, it was difficult to overtake, almost impossible unless you make a mistake.”
 Gonzalo Alonso - “It is going to make the local market inoperative and erect a strong barrier to the entry of foreign capital.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Thanks to luck and thanks to the mechanics who did a perfect stop again.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It's impossible to live in Spain because the people recognize me too much and they get crazy.”
 Alfredo Alonso - “The popularity comes from the fact that these radio stations play a real broad catalog of music, so they aren't as repetitive.”
 Xabi Alonso - “An uneven playing surface will affect us more than them. They play more of a more direct, aerial game and we prefer a passing game so we are bound to suffer if the pitch isn't in good condition.”
 Fernando Alonso - “To become part of a team with such a desire to succeed and passion for performance is a dream come true for any Formula One driver. Obviously I will be sad to leave Renault but sometimes possibilities come along which are just too good to miss.”
 Fernando Alonso - “It was always a dream to win the Formula One title. It's the maximum that I have ever achieved in my life.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The tenacity and desire to win which he has worked with since he was a child have carried him to the top in a sporting discipline of enormous difficulty.”
 Xabi Alonso - “It was so disappointing for us and a painful defeat,”
 Fernando Alonso - “Now I need to find new targets because this one is done. This is very important for me, my friends, my country and my family.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I won the championship with maybe not the best car, so I am proud of what I did. The fact that I have taken over the title from Michael Schumacher is a bonus. I came from a country with no tradition in F1. I had to fight my way alone. I have only had the help of two or three people in my career, no more.”
 Fernando Alonso - “Things change. It's a new story. Renault has been my family from the time I came into formula one. I gave them a lot and they gave me a lot. But I think I've finished a stage in my career. When you come to the end of a contract you can choose and I've chosen what I believe is the best team for my future. But it's important to leave in the best possible way. The motivation for this season is even higher because we have the No1 and No2 on the car.”
 Xabi Alonso - “We're doing much better away from home this season and that's why we can get a result at Old Trafford. We're more solid, more compact and more consistent in our results.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The car feels like it did in winter testing. It is comfortable to drive and consistent, so I am quite happy with our situation. It was a special moment to go out on the track with the No. 1 on the car.”
 Fernando Alonso - “I was hoping that it would feel like the R25 to drive, because that was such a nice car for the drivers. The good news is that it does. It is easy to drive, the long runs seem consistent and we didn't have any mechanical problems. This is only the first January test with a brand new car. Taking that into account, I think we are in a strong position.”
 Fernando Alonso - “The important thing is to be consistent, be on the podium, like I did 15 times last year I think. This year I am 3-for-3.”

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