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 Bonaventure Kalou - “We needed a match of reference like this one. Tonight was a mix of everything the coach expects from us. It bodes well for the future.”
 Felipe Alou - “He's thrown the ball well in Los Angeles, and we are trying to win games - that's another factor.”
 Felipe Alou - “You talk about a guy being on the bubble. (But) we want starting pitchers to be able to pitch (in the spring) even if they're going to give up runs.”
 Felipe Alou - “We want starting pitchers to be able to pitch (in the spring), even if they're going to give up runs. We want to get away from the trap we were in last year with a lot of three- and four-inning starts.”
 Felipe Alou - “Correia and (Brad) Hennessey were guys who were always up and down, bullpen back to starting. Now we have our hands full with good possibilities for next year. Correia won't have to go back to the bullpen.”
 Felipe Alou - “Greene threw out the Padres' Dave Roberts on a steal attempt on Sunday and called a good game with Noah Lowry. We know he's a good hitter and calls a good game. He's a very lively guy, and he happens to know this division well -- that's a plus here.”
 Felipe Alou - “The acquisition of Matt Morris is a good, good one. He's great.”
 Felipe Alou - “I believe Schmitty has really, really become a complete pitcher. He can pitch when he has real good stuff or what he had (Saturday). ... He still got a couple of punch-outs (six over five innings). That should tell him that he doesn't need to throw his fastball past everybody.”
 Moises Alou - “Not every athlete is ready for fruit-scented hand cream. Moises Alou of the San Francisco Giants, who doesnt wear batting gloves when he hits, disclosed last season that he urinates on his hands to prevent calluses.”
 Felipe Alou - “His hand-eye coordination, I have not seen anybody but Ted Williams that was like that.”
 Felipe Alou - “I played with Hank Aaron. Stuff started to happen hate letters, fans in the stands.”
 Felipe Alou - “He is the only pitcher I went (behind the cage) to see. I hope he didn't mind that.”
 Felipe Alou - “I hope he doesn't stop. The only thing is, the guy wants to hit a few home runs.”
 Felipe Alou - “He gave me the best at-bat that I have seen this year in his first at-bat. The 11-pitch at-bat right out of the hospital.”
 Felipe Alou - “He gave me the best at-bat that I have seen this year, ... I'm not just talking about our team. I'm talking about any team. Right out of hospital.”
 Felipe Alou - “I never saw him loafing to first. He used to run hard every ground ball, every fly ball, ... It was amazing the way he played the game. Because sometimes you just don't feel like running hard when you think it's going to be an out. If you see him before the game, you didn't believe he was so tough a player. He used to play hurt every day. Used to complain he didn't sleep. But when the game started, he was just marvelous.”
 Felipe Alou - “He told me he feels very, very good. Bonds is having fun. Last year he didn't because he was hurt.”
 Felipe Alou - “We have guarded ourselves against some of the things that hurt us last year.”
 Felipe Alou - “The only way we will have those two guys play a lot of games is if we have an individual to pick up the slack,”
 Felipe Alou - “I haven't talked to him. The only information I have has come from the medical people. I don't believe he's doing a whole lot right now. But probably swinging the bat like he always does.”
 Moises Alou - “This year has been frustrating because I was coming off back-to-back seasons when I was injury-free and played a lot. Every year I've been healthy and had over 500 at-bats, it's been a good year. That's what I'm looking forward to next year.”
 Felipe Alou - “There's no injury. He's 100 percent going to play (Friday night at Colorado). Two days was going to be better than one day.”
 Moises Alou - “I've got no interest. Really, I forgot about that. But I know I need six for 300. I'll take that one.”
 Felipe Alou - “Barry, besides what he does with the bat, he's a tremendous base-runner. He doesn't have speed, but his sense of reaching a base or taking the extra base is still there. He's a good judge.”
 Felipe Alou - “He's going to be a late-inning pitcher, a closer-type guy. He's been throwing the ball hard and improving his breaking ball.”

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