My Favorite Quotes
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 Luc Alphand - “Carlos had a puncture and I was in his dust for a time. Then he caught me and we let him passed. Then Hiroshi came back at me and we were all running closely together until I collected a rear-right slow puncture and that cost me the chance of winning the stage.”
 Luc Alphand - “We let Carlos, Nasser and Hiroshi pass us today and then we were in their dust. If you want to finish the stage safely you need to keep out of the dust of the car in front. It was just like a long train of cars and bikes today. There was no chance to get into a rhythm.”
 Luc Alphand - “I expected today's stage to be drier than yesterday, because of the slightly higher altitude. The important thing was to stay in touch with the leaders without taking any risks and dropping too much time. It was a good day for me.”
 Luc Alphand - “I have mixed feelings about these long European stages. Unlike some of our rivals we had no problems with the windscreen misting over when it rained in October. But I think the problems could arise tomorrow if it rains. If it is really muddy on the second stage it could be dangerous if you slide or lose traction, that is where the problems begin.”
 Luc Alphand - “Of course, we are thinking of them and their families but there are accidents at home in front of schools. There are reckless drivers at home.”
 Luc Alphand - “The rally is hard and unfortunately this year there were some accidents.”