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 Joe Alpine - “We want to bring people different workshops to educate, to give them training and skills they can use in their businesses.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “There is still that onus hanging over the teams as to what happens if there is another strike, and that is preventing some long-term commitments, particularly in some of the ancillary markets.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “You'd like to see things improve (at Disney's animation studios).”
 Dennis McAlpine - “You're looking at an industry that's still not growing substantially, particularly if snowboarding doesn't continue to grow.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “The reality is that it probably has no negative impact on advertisers. The only thing that (advertisers) really worried about is the publicity that comes from those special interest groups going against that kind of show, and sort of tarring them with the same brush.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “The temptation is too great for Hollywood to resist.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “A lot of ads that companies thought would work online aren't. Advertisers are now looking for results.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “This is something that was expected for some time. It takes a fair amount of overhead to run these things. The same overhead can run two or three of these channels. ESPN has shown that it has some muscle with cable networks because it has many channels.”
 Stacey McAlpine - “Over the course of time, we experienced some unfortunate incidents and encountered some challenging issues.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “Time Warner has to show they still have their expertise.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “You've seen an incredibly high profitability. In the future, it'll be part of union contracts, but for the most part it's not yet.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “We're used to seeing a radio station turn around in one rating period. You change the talent, the ratings go up, your revenues follow and you've made a fortune out of it. Television, unfortunately, is going to take a couple of years to get most of that around.”
 Candie McAlpine - “She was a very special person, mature beyond her years.”
 Candie McAlpine - “She enjoyed people and always helped people.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “One of the things that helped on the numbers was the fewer number of shares. The bottom line operating numbers were not much different than expected.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “Tell me where the good news was. I haven't seen anything that's good except video game sales.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “Some of these movies could be in trouble. I suspect that a bunch will fall by the wayside. There is not enough demand.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “I don't know how they get an attraction out of this. Look at the top films and tell me who's starring in them. If I were an advertiser on the Oscars, I'd look for something else. This is not going to give Hollywood a chance to promote the idea of going to the movies for entertainment.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “Paramount could make the most money out of this. They've got a couple of cheap movies.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “They've cut back their risk profile significantly -- they're making movies not to lose money, rather than to make money. They got a little carried away and they have no upside either.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “I wouldn't be at all surprised to see radio and outdoor come up for sale, and Mel using some of his money to buy them again, if for no other reason than to show he can make it work.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “It costs more now to go skiing than to go to Disney World. That's going to drive skier-days down.”
 Dennis McAlpine - “The technology for creating animated films has come down to fairly simplistic levels, so a lot of people can make animated films. The trick is to make animated films people want to see. Disney has shown you can make animated films that nobody wants.”
 Stacey McAlpine - “We had approached the Thrashers a couple of weeks ago requesting a change of environment. It was an extremely difficult decision, but we all worked together to try and get things resolved and it looks like we were able to do that.”
 Stacey McAlpine - “This is a life decision for Dany. There were a lot of unfortunate things that have happened during his time in Atlanta, and we just felt that it would be good for him to find a new home to play and make a fresh start.”

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