My Favorite Quotes
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 Elizabeth Alraune - “If you realize that it is quitepossible that you are whatyou say you are, you maywant to consider watchingyour thoughts.When you watch them,you are likely to findthat - just like littlechildren - they can, and do,play tricks on us.”
 Elizabeth Alraune - “I am not sure life was meant to be lived in a managed way...if so, no wonder we have difficulties with things like time management.”
 Elizabeth Alraune - “There are many ways to the life we live,none so right, or so profound, as the onethat is uniquely ours.We need to get to the place that isSeparate from what you've ever doneSeparate from what you'll ever doThe place you know isRIGHTFORYOU”
 Elizabeth Alraune - “When you are busy looking at your next step,how can you see where you are going”
 Elizabeth Alraune - “When something is the right thing for you to dosome will call your action 'courage.'There is a good possibility you will likely call it'being myself.'”