My Favorite Quotes
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 Dr. Alsharif - “I enjoy the acuteness of situations. I enjoy treating patients and not waiting. I like to be able to have my patients under my hand. I feel bad when they go home. I want to know what's going on. I want to call them the next day and make sure everything is OK.”
 Dr. Alsharif - “Sometimes we go to the playground and play together, or work puzzles together. We also work on her ABCs. She is also learning my language (Arabic).”
 Dr. Alsharif - “Once you meet them you understand they want you to be a confident doctor. They want you to be straightforward with them with what ever disease they have.”
 Dr. Alsharif - “I looked at a lot of places, but I liked this one. It's a small community, everybody knows each other and everybody is very pleasant. It's nice to have that family atmosphere. I did my training at UT and UT is huge and you know most people, but it doesn't feel like a family.”