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 Steve Ralston - “We've only played three games. We got a great result at Los Angeles, then a tie (at New York) and just didn't play very well in Kansas City. Four points after three games Yeah, we'd like to be better, but we've been on the road, we're still trying to work in this new formation so we're still positive.”
 Steve Ralston - “I don't like having games like that. It was run and gun,”
 Rafer Alston - “We will have to learn to play without him. But we've got guys who can get the job done. We've got a lot of firepower that can help us win games without Tracy.”
 Rafer Alston - “You can still win games shooting a bad percentage. You've got to do the little things, and for some reason we're not doing them. I don't know why. We've got some great veteran guys on this team and we know better, but we have to find a way to get to loose balls and secure the rebounds.”
 Rafer Alston - “Preparation is my biggest thing. I knew in Toronto we didn't prepare to have what it takes to win the game. We didn't know what the other team was doing. We didn't have a clue how we were going to defend. That frustrated me. We were going out there cold to try to win games.”
 Rafer Alston - “We had injuries, yes, but there were a lot of games we still should have won. Regardless of anything and everything that happened, we should have been a playoff team.”
 Aron Ralston - “We're proud of him because of the person he is and because he feels so strongly that he has a story that is inspirational, and he's willing to tell it over and over and share with other people and give people hope, ... I think that says a lot about his character.”
 Steve Ralston - “They're physical, strong. Koller is 6-7, you can't afford to give up set pieces against them. He's very dangerous.”
 Rafer Alston - “When (Jalen) comes over here, Im going to give him a kiss. Not on his lips, though.”
 Rafer Alston - “Yao once again tonight was hitting, doing his deal for us, like he has been since the All-Star break. We've got to give him a little more help and support on the offensive end and the defensive end.”
 Rafer Alston - “When (Jalen) comes over here, Im going to give him a kiss. Not on his lips, though.”
 Brent Walston - “Many of her goals were with her left foot. And she's not left-footed.”
 Marques Alston - “It still feels like it's the NCAA Tournament. It's a game we've got to get by first to get to a powerhouse. The atmosphere is good.”
 Rafer Alston - “I didn't appreciate that. You've got the win in hand. You see we're not trying to foul you anymore. I didn't think he was going to shoot the ball. I know they were going for a triple-double. You guys won. Take it on home. Don't pad your stats and try to show us up.”
 William Galston - “They went with their head over their heart. I would predict that trend will continue in 2008, ... That's what we're asking voters to do.”
 Steve Ralston - “It was about the easiest goal I've scored. It was a scrappy game and we showed a lot of heart.”
 Dave Ralston - “These organizations will help build a new house and provide home-buyer assistance.”
 David Alston - “I'm sure thankful that's all it did. God protected us. It doesn't look like anybody lost a house. It was a good day all together I guess.”
 Bruce Alston - “We're seeing a tickling of inflation in the pipeline but it's not going to be passed on to the consumer.”
 Bruce Alston - “You've got inflation concerns and you've Greenspan, who is probably going to be hawkish.”
 Philip Alston - “Under international law, widespread or systematic attacks against the civilian population are crimes against humanity.”
 Bruce Alston - “As far as bond-land goes, everything's fine.”
 Stacey Alston - “We've been doing that all year, bringing Eric in late ... letting him shut them down, kind of like he did tonight.”
 Rafer Alston - “That hurts not only him as a player, it hurts us as a team. And it hurts me to see another guy go down, especially him with how well he's been playing and how hard he's worked. To see him go down late in the year, that hurts a lot.”
 Walt Alston - “More than anyone else, Hank Aaron made me wish I wasn't a manager.”

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