My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Alstott - “We had a great win on the road, but I think we've really got to have a great start at home and really take that advantage in our favor and let that help us throughout the year. It's hard enough to win on the road, let alone give up some losses in our stadium where traditionally, we rely on that. That's one of our major goals, to turn that thing around at home.”
 Mike Alstott - “He has an instinct for the game. He makes yards after contact, he's patient and confident and that's how those 3- and 4-yard runs get turned into something bigger.”
 Mike Alstott - “People were hollering for me. I ran on the field, put on my helmet, heard the call and thought 'Uh, oh, here we go,”
 Mike Alstott - “I don't know. First of all, I've had the best time this year. We'll discuss it between me and my family and figure out what is best.”
 Mike Alstott - “He was here all the time, hanging out in the locker room and with the players on the field. If James wasn't here, it was like 'Where's James' He was part of this football team.”
 Mike Alstott - “You have to put the trust in your team and the players and say 'The heck with it.' You have to gamble once in a while.”
 Mike Alstott - “Football is what I do. It's me, ... When that time comes, it'll be hard to walk away.”
 Mike Alstott - “I had the best time this year after going through two frustrating seasons. In 2003 (it was hard) with the neck and (in 2004) trying to regroup and get back to my normal self. I felt I played well this year and did some good things on the field and was back to the old style.”
 Mike Alstott - “Go back to '02. Everybody had a role. Everybody knew their roles and nobody ... complained, nobody said a word. And that's kind of how this team is. Overall, the chemistry inside the locker room is tight. We travel well. It's a good crowd to be with. We enjoy each other.”
 Mike Alstott - “That's the business of football. He's going to be a great player.”
 Mike Alstott - “We got to finish what we started. We got something good going on right now. We got to finish what we started. And that's the regular season. If we take care of our business then we'll be rewarded with some good things.”
 Mike Alstott - “We all knew from the get-go Cadillac was going to be the star. But the thing about the young guys, they're all ears and no mouth. They listen, they take great advice from the veterans who have had experience over the years and they go out there and they have a lot of heart and play well.”