My Favorite Quotes
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 Buck Showalter - “We were fortunate tonight with all the walks and the hit batter. We had to scrap to get through it, but those are the games you like to win even though there were some things we could have done better.”
 Buck Showalter - “Gerald is going to catch some games,”
 Mark Salter - “We're looking forward to playing those games there.”
 Rob Salter - “We've played in a lot of close games this year, but we've lost a lot of them. We need some guys to step up in leadership roles so we can win these close games.”
 Rob Salter - “We played one of our best defensive games of the season. We did an excellent job of putting pressure on the ball-handler and on our rotations as well.”
 Gary Balter - “At first glance, this seems like a strange deal as investors in Sears Holdings are looking for cash generation, not new investments.”
 Norbert Walter - “Each generation is being reduced by about a third.”
 Michael Showalter - “Baxters overdo it. The Baxter is the guy who's going to take a girl to the best restaurant in town, having no clue if it's appropriate for her. All that matters is, it's the best. Anything recommended as the most romantic place, that's where you'll find the Baxter.”
 Buck Showalter - “I'm not worried they aren't getting enough at-bats. But we'll give them a few days working with Rudy before we put them back in a game.”
 Rob Salter - “That is one of our goals for this season, to capture the conference championship.”
 Buck Showalter - “A guy like Figgins gets robbed. He's got a position, but he can play all over. He's got to get a Gold Glove somewhere. They should have a utility man Gold Glove.”
 Darrin Walter - “We need four golfers to score as a team. With the depth we have, we are expecting good scores out of those bottom varsity spots.”
 Amy Walter - “What we're looking for is chinks in the armor. If he's losing a good portion of these GOP primary voters, it suggests he'll have big, big problems in November.”
 Tom Salter - “He's our specialist. We know if he gets a good look at the basket, it's going in.”
 Buck Showalter - “Kenny was effective. They've seen Kenny so much. They hit some good pitches for hits. He bent, but he didn't break.”
 Rob Salter - “We did a good job of pushing the tempo. Even though we weren't on our A game defensively, we played well offensively.”
 Robert Walter - “His skill set is highly relevant to Cardinal Health's mission to build upon our market segment leadership and capitalize on the company's considerable opportunities for growth around the world.”
 Gary Balter - “We continue to be bothered by the company's propensity to shine a more positive light on results and growth rates than the numbers may support.”
 Gary Balter - “Their lack of investments in systems, continued new store growth by Wal-Mart and higher prices point to short-term cash maximization, not long-term growth,”
 Michael Showalter - “John Roberts is a Baxter. Have you seen his hair It's parted with a snow shovel”
 Buck Showalter - “We are day to day, ... until he feels good with a ball in his hand.”
 Bill Halter - “I don't have any plans to, but I'm sure it will have some collateral health benefits for him.”
 Buck Showalter - “Hicks is very positive and he's very grounded. Tom is a good man. He has a good heart about the Rangers.”
 Rubin Salter - “This is a history we want people to know about.”
 Buck Showalter - “We hope that one day Edison makes the progress that Cabrera has made.”

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