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 Buck Showalter - “We hope he can help us in the big leagues. It's very unconventional, but if you describe all the attributes that successful knuckleballers have up here, R.A. would fit into that. He's a strike-thrower, competitive, no-ego and he's willing to do what it takes.”
 Buck Showalter - “He got us on and off the field tonight. He made a lot of friends out there with his teammates tonight. He's got some good things going his way. I hope tonight is the start of it.”
 Buck Showalter - “I'd like to see him get back down there and get on the horse.”
 Jonathan Alter - “the only reason the House hasn't done even more damage is that the Senate often sands down the most noxious ideas, making the bills merely bad, not disastrous.”
 Buck Showalter - “The hit-by-pitch hurt. It's tough to get him out anyway.”
 Buck Showalter - “They had seen him before and that's what makes it even more impressive. They obviously had a good idea what he was going to try to do.”
 Rich Falter - “It kind of came as a shock. It just seems like things have snapped together. We just wanted to get back to winning. We really didn't have any idea because we really don't have a big guy, plus with being so young.”
 Michael Showalter - “She's sweet and she's nice, she's just not Andie MacDowell. God forbid, you're not Andie MacDowell. You're just a person, ... I'm playing with that whole idea that the characters have these quirks about their personalities that we've been conditioned to believe equal wrongness.”
 Charles Buchwalter - “This continuing increase in broadband use is an essential step in a maturing Internet industry.”
 Gary Balter - “Favorable industry trends provide further support.”
 Amy Walter - “We don't believe any passenger information has been compromised.”
 Peggy Palter - “We're just being cautious. This is not a recall, but until we have more information, the responsible thing to do is to discontinue sales.”
 Buck Showalter - “Kevin had a great spring. He started off slow, having a nagging injury, but he is starting to swing the bat well. He is seeing the ball well and centers the ball so well. Kevin is so strong that the ball has a lot of carry. He can just power the ball out of here.”
 Buck Showalter - “There's a lot of stuff that would have to be settled out before anyone has interest in him.”
 Rubin Salter - “I'm told it was the best between St. Louis and San Francisco. It was something to get an invitation to that ball.”
 Buck Showalter - “We're fortunate to get somebody of his background this late in the spring.”
 Buck Showalter - “He's a guy who has done it in the past. There's a lot of different ways to look at it, but it's what helps you produce runs. Obviously on-base percentage is something you look at, but there's a feel you get. What's the feel of the lineup You see how guys complement each other and the problems you present other managers late in the game.”
 Gary Balter - “We have been expecting Sears to play out similarly, but to date have not seen the asset sales or leadership that have characterized the other stories.”
 Don Showalter - “We set the pace by our shooting in the first half. With a team like West Liberty, who wants a win, you can't let them hang around.”
 Buck Showalter - “I wouldn't put any limits on him. He can be a difference maker defensively, one of those guys who turns hits into outs.”
 Bruno Walter - “Napolean is dead - but Beethoven lives.”
 Bruno Walter - “By concentrating on precision, one arrives at technique, but by concentrating on technique one does not arrive at precision.”
 Jessica Walter - “I think that she's a great dame. I'm crazy for Lucille.”
 Jessica Walter - “I must confess I took a couple or three jobs just for the money.”
 Rich Falter - “We have a little different theory about when teams get runs on us. We like to keep it up tempo and tire teams out.”

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