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 Don Showalter - “I thought he really had to work for his shots. He's just a heck of a player. Those kinds of players are going to come through in the big games.”
 Buck Showalter - “I thought Doug pitched a real important part of that ballgame. We didn't have to use Francisco Cordero or extend some of our guys.”
 Buck Showalter - “Our guys had a lot of fun tonight. I thought we got good at-bats and Gary (Matthews) had a big one for us.”
 Buck Showalter - “Going in, that may be the thought. But we want to see, with the experience he had last year, how he's grown from that.”
 Rob Salter - “I thought the third and fourth quarters we did a terrific job making them take some tough shots.”
 Rob Salter - “We didn't play very well. I thought it was a very uninspired defensive effort. We just survived and advanced and that's what you have to do.”
 Rob Salter - “We were scoring pretty consistently and I think they thought we could relax. But what upset me is that we just weren't communicating. I thought we did a lot better job of talking in the second half.”
 Rich Falter - “We brought two freshmen up (Jeff Sinclair is the other) because we thought they could contribute right away. I could kind of see the team blending together as the season went on.”
 Correll Buckhalter - “I thought I was in their plans. When I met with coach Andy Reid at the end of the season, we talked about the Carolina game mostly, then he asked me if I wanted to be here. I said, 'Yes.' Then he said he would sit down with Banner and we would get something done.”
 Norbert Walter - “We may have a greater consensus on this matter in German society than we thought.”
 Buck Showalter - “I thought it would be a good idea to back off him. We have an off-day on Monday, and then hopefully he can get back out there and finish the season strong.”
 Bret Walter - “We met in the motel room (and talked about Stokes). Jordan Stokes is one of the best players in the 3A. Tyler has been one of the best defenders. We thought his type of athleticism would match up well with Stokes, who is a great athlete.”
 Bruno Walter - “It is glorious to become a learner again at my time of life.”
 Darrin Walter - “This is the first time to have depth. The depth excites me.”
 Gary Balter - “If Microsoft gets the product out in January, that would still be in time for the new budget spending that drives many mid-to-small businesses, the core of the office supply segment.”
 Don Showalter - “In the past, people have been nominated that did not know anything about the job or the time involved.”
 Buck Showalter - “Last season he had a lot of swelling, but there isn't any of that this time. We're going to have to see the medical reports and then figure out where we go from there.”
 Buck Showalter - “You don't do what he has done over a long period of time and not have some mental toughness.”
 Buck Showalter - “We hope Volquez learns from the opportunities he is getting. He made adjustments and a couple of tweaks every time he has pitched.”
 Buck Showalter - “He only got hit a couple of days ago and it's going to take time to look at things. There was a lot of swelling, but it has gone down quite a bit. There's still time.”
 Buck Showalter - “The second time a young pitcher sees the same team, that's what made today's outing even more impressive. They have some idea of what you're going to do out there.”
 Buck Showalter - “We're going to compete and try to win while at the same time prepare ourselves for the future.”
 Buck Showalter - “I think he's hitting right where he needs to hit right now. He's going through a good period now. He might stumble a little bit. There'll be a time when he's not hitting well and Wilkerson is tearing it up. We've got to keep that in mind.”
 Buck Showalter - “It would be a different look for sure. He's going to get a good chance. That would certainly break up the pattern. But at the same time, you're going to take your five best pitchers.”
 Mike Showalter - “I've got a few players who were on that team. They don't talk about it much, but I'm sure they're thinking about it. We feel it's our time now. We're ready to go.”

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