My Favorite Quotes
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 Lewis Altfest - “People in their 40s and 50s are saving for their kids and for their retirement. They have the most difficult time saving because they have the most overhead expenses.”
 Karen Altfest - “When you have times of uncertainty, it's a time to take less risk, not more.”
 Lewis Altfest - “Years ago, Fidelity told you not to buy because of a manager, but because Fidelity as a whole always turned to gold. Now you have to look at a manager's performance.”
 Karen Altfest - “It can save your marriage.”
 Lewis Altfest - “There has been some disappointment over hedge-fund performance in general, but investors are still after that upside potential - a star manager to hit a home run for them.”
 Karen Altfest - “People in their 20s have a lot of time to grow their investments and don't need to be too conservative,”
 Lewis Altfest - “If your company is taken over for stock, I would sell unless I had a great reason. I'd ignore what the chief executive officer had to say.”
 Karen Altfest - “This woman is amazing. I should take her to one of the classes I teach on debt,”