My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Althaus - “We are talking about playing complete games we are a young team and still have a lot to learn.”
 Paul Althaus - “I thought we played well the last three quarters, but we need to develop mental toughness and not take quarters off.”
 Paul Althaus - “That's been a big weakness of ours the last couple of years. We don't have real strong outside shooters.”
 Paul Althaus - “We weren't ready to play and Roaring Fork was embarrassed by Gunnison the night before. We need to be ready to play to start games.”
 Dieter Althaus - “We need to speak to the Greens and the F.D.P. in the next few days. What we need is the largest possible consensus. We have our own agenda. We need to conduct open talks.”
 Paul Althaus - “We are coming off of Christmas break and are still trying to get back into the flow of things. We should be able to get a win under our belts this week.”