My Favorite Quotes
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 Lisanne Altmann - “I'm sure when Chuck Schumer needs information from the Congressional Budget Office, he doesn't have to check with Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader. I expect to be calling Mr. Naughton directly as I always have in the past. If she wants to know what I'm doing, she can always call me. I'll be happy to respond.”
 Lisanne Altmann - “I've been under intense pressure to come back to work, but the best my colleagues can do is a backroom deal.”
 Lisanne Altmann - “Her actions over the years have served to diminish the power of the legislature.”
 Lisanne Altmann - “I don't want people to think that this was for nothing. Judy recognizes that the leadership style needs to change.”
 Maria Altmann - “To see them here is a dream come true.”
 Maria Altmann - “To see them here is a dream come true. Los Angeles has been my hometown for so long, so to have them here is beyond words. I'm going to come here very often and bring friends to see them.”
 Maria Altmann - “The paintings have been in Vienna for 68 years, and people in Europe saw them all the time. I thought it would be a beautiful thing to show them in this country.”
 Lisanne Altmann - “It would be a good move to endorse the first African-American presiding officer and an Italian-Irish soccer mom from Great Neck. We're poster children for the New York State Democratic primary voters.”
 Maria Altmann - “Hitler invaded in March 1938 and everything after that went downhill. My husband was in the concentration camp and everything was taken - but material values at the time didn't matter one bit. It was only after that it did matter.”
 Lisanne Altmann - “It was a leap of faith. I hope he fulfills the expectations that he activated today. He has the energy. It's up to the administration to give him the resources.”