My Favorite Quotes
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 Maria Alvarado - “She wants to see the goals in the bill become a reality.”
 Jose Alvarado - “When I came here I barely thought I would play as a freshman, ... But some people got hurt and luckily I got to go in.”
 Maria Alvarado - “My parents are here for my education. I don't want to walk out of class.”
 Jose Alvarado - “Basically, they are taking care of me. Thank God they were there.”
 Jose Alvarado - “We need to bring that anger we had at St. Louis. We have to make sure we do what we need to do in warm-ups to get psyched for Wisconsin.”
 Maria Alvarado - “We remain optimistic that between now and the date of the scheduled vote we will be able to move ahead and address these community concerns.”