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 Tommy Amaker - “They're a team that's already played in a different venue. They've gone on the road to win a couple games in this tournament, which shows toughness on their part. What the Colonial conference has done this season, certainly, this is a team that needs to be reckoned with.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He certainly played at a high level. Down the stretch you want to give everything you have, and he certainly has performed very well.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He was just outstanding. He gave us all that he could give us tonight. He kept making plays and making shots.”
 Tommy Amaker - “It's a signature win for us because we recognize how good Illinois has been. It was also important for us to stay in the thick of the Big Ten race.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I feel bad for Lester. I don't know how severe it is but it didn't look good when he went down. But he's as tough as they come.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He's a good player. I'm really disappointed on the way we guarded their entire team, but he was definitely the catalyst when they jumped out.”
 Tommy Amaker - “They rammed it down our throats the first part of the game. But the second half, our veterans really showed something. We showed some heart and toughness.”
 Tommy Amaker - “We have no more information on him. He's out indefinitely.”
 Tommy Amaker - “Maybe I've been cautious with him, but it's in all of our best interests. I don't know what is realistic, but one thing we've seen is that these kids are not the same when they first come back from an injury. I think it takes a while.”
 Tommy Amaker - “They are unique - and different. They are a very athletic team. They are long and rangy. And they are a very confident team. They are quick. Their team speed is outstanding and they have been on a tear as of late.”
 Tommy Amaker - “We had some critical turnovers late in the game, and some of those were when we were trying to get the ball to Courtney.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I'm sure he brings some toughness and even some leadership to that group. When you have a guy like that, where you gain some of the intangible things that we gain from a Graham Brown, they're invaluable to your team.”
 John Wanamaker - “Nothing comes merely by thinking about it.”
 John Wanamaker - “Courtesies cannot be borrowed like snow shovels you must have some of your own.”
 John Wanamaker - “Keep up the old standards, and day by day raise them higher.”
 John Wanamaker - “When a customer enters my store, forget me. He is king.”
 John Wanamaker - “It's easy to work for somebody else all you have to do is show up.”
 Tommy Amaker - “We anticipated the post-double. When you post-double, you choose what shots to give your opponent. They chose to give us shots on the perimeter, so we thought we might have a good afternoon. It was something we were looking forward to. ... Tell me we're going to get open threes, I'll take our chances.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I thought they brought it from the opening tap. They had us on our heels early and it was too much to overcome.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I thought this was something that brought us together.”
 Tommy Amaker - “Hunter was a big difference for us ... I thought he had a really, really solid game.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I said Tuesday that if the season ended then, I thought we'd be in. I feel that same way tonight. This was a good win to put on our resume.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I really thought that Chris Hunter was a catalyst for us.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I thought our veterans led the way for us with a lot of toughness and heart.”
 Tommy Amaker - “We haven't won this game in a long time. Thinking anything beyond this ... we have a game coming up Saturday. ... This is a step in (the right) direction. We're climbing the ladder. I feel like we're moving our program in the direction that we're all very proud.”

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