My Favorite Quotes
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 Carlos Samano - “The market's performance was partly in response to disenchantment over the budget. Let's say the growth target is in no way encouraging, although it is positive.”
 Carlos Samano - “People wanted to adjust the value of the peso and the stock market took it well.”
 Carlos Samano - “Today there was a lot more diversity in the buying.”
 Carlos Samano - “What's happening now is that the market remains trading at very thin volumes and that can affect prices, even when just a handful of shares are traded. The decision of any fund to pull out from certain stock hits the price.”
 Carlos Samano - “The market is already pricing in that (the debt upgrade) is coming. That improves the country's (economic) perspective.”
 Hisakazu Amano - “It's a good strategy to take aim at this generation. They've finished raising children and they've paid off their mortgages, so all that cash is sitting in their pockets.”
 Hisakazu Amano - “Nomura needs to expand its online business to target a mass customer base. It used to be all about institutional investors. But this is going to be the age of the individual investor.”
 Hisakazu Amano - “Nomura should sow seeds not only in Japan but all across the world. Any hesitation and Japanese banks will steal business by joining with overseas firms.”
 Carlos Samano - “If the debt upgrade happens, it will likely benefit banking issues the most.”