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 Lakshman Kadirgamar - “I am not in the slightest bit surprised that the Indian government thinks it fit to put its navy on the alert,”
 Chuck LaMar - “He's going to be an All-Star. And his work ethic continues to improve. As Ozzie told him, the only thing that can keep B.J. Upton from being a tremendous player is B.J. Upton.”
 Lakshman Kadirgamar - “senseless act of terrorism.”
 Chuck LaMar - “He thought he was ready for the major leagues the day we signed him. That's why we signed him.”
 Chuck LaMar - “We thought he had had enough -- going from Double-A to Triple-A”
 Chuck LaMar - “At that time, they voiced no negative displeasure,”
 Chuck LaMar - “At that time, they voiced no negative displeasure. Obviously that changed between that last series and Monday.”
 Chuck LaMar - “I'm under no direction from ownership that I have to trade them whatsoever. That's not even a factor.”
 Burney Lamar - “You can say I'm crazy, but three years ago, I was at home on the couch watching races like this.”
 Chuck LaMar - “I take full responsibility for this organization not winning in my eight years,”
 Burney Lamar - “I've been in their shoes, and it's hard. It's great to see somebody at least have that opportunity.”
 Chuck LaMar - “I wished he would have handled it a little bit differently. We probably could have handled it a little differently from our end, too. So we're going to call it a mistake on both sides. I don't want him to be looked at as some kind of troublemaker or some guy who is always going to pop off.”
 Lakshman Kadirgamar - “The LTTE might well believe that it can win a separate state by force. If it does believe that, as it may well do, it is making an absolute horrendous mistake,”
 Chuck LaMar - “It's the general manager's responsibility, no matter what the circumstances are, to make the product on the field a winner.”
 Chuck LaMar - “He cannot make 40 errors here. I think he is an improved shortstop over this time last year. He's ready to play offensively.”
 Chuck LaMar - “If Blum plays third base, he'll get the majority of the at-bats. If he ends up playing second base, if we don't sign another middle infielder, then he would get the majority of the at-bats there. We brought him in to be a full-time player.”
 Gary Lamar - “They create chaos, but it's a controlled chaos. That's a comfortable environment for them. All three love chaos.”
 Chuck LaMar - “Having said that, we saw him play the latter part of August and thought he had had enough. He had already gone from Double-A to Triple-A and we thought it was time for him to go home and get ready to play winter ball if he wanted to, or if not, get ready for spring training.”
 Chuck LaMar - “if they don't think he can play shortstop then they should think about trading him.”
 Vikram Amar - “At one level this is a very technical, dry case about when deference is owed (to an executive interpretation of federal law). But Kennedy is trying to rise above the technicalities to make a point about executive overreaching. Kennedy likes to remind people of the big picture.”
 Lakshman Kadirgamar - “In our situation, it's not a question of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Peace is not going to be manufactured instantly. Peace is a long road and a hard process,”
 Chuck LaMar - “One of the biggest decisions this organization will make is whether B.J. Upton is going to be the everyday shortstop. If not, personally, my decision would be to move him to third base and let him play there.”
 Lakshman Kadirgamar - “You must be concerned in a situation like that, because it is a situation of grave danger to the men. No doubt about that. We are saying that quite openly,”
 Vikram Amar - “If the trial court was wrong in letting her serve as her own counsel, that's not a mistake that's immune from appellate review. The system has to have a way to protect people from themselves.”
 Chuck LaMar - “He's in town to spend three days working with B.J., and I think he's going to speak to the entire club sometime. Ozzie is not only full of knowledge, but he's one of the most generous people in the game. He's a class act. We wanted to get Ozzie's thoughts on where B.J. stands defensively right now and where he needs to do better. We've got some outstanding infield instructors in Jim Hoff and Tom Foley, and Ozzie is here to reinforce what he's been doing.”

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