My Favorite Quotes
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 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “There are 11 killed. Earlier they thought it was 12. One is critically injured -- they thought he was dead but he is not. Also two foreigners in a van were injured.”
 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “We have a farm there. The farm is not maintained properly, because we don't have (enough) people. So we can hand it over to them as an open prison and they can work there and we can get vegetables.”
 Somawansa Amarasinghe - “The government is now even trying to change the name of the joint mechanism to make it sound like a humanitarian thing... sorry, we will not allow it.”
 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “We don't abduct anybody. We are not even holding anybody -- even those we take in on cordon operations are handed to the police and appear in the magistrates' court.”
 Somawansa Amarasinghe - “The president has no right to share the sovereignty of this country. If the president is not going to withdraw this idea, we will be leaving the government on June 16.”
 Somawansa Amarasinghe - “This is a violation of the sovereignty of the country. We will not allow it.”
 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “All troops are on alert for any eventuality. We are continuing to conduct normal searches.”
 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “If they attack us, we will retaliate.”
 Brigadier Samarasinghe - “It is a deliberate campaign against the army. We are professional. We would not fire shells at a sensitive time like this. We have not fired artillery or mortars at them for four years now.”
 Somawansa Amarasinghe - “We don't like war, but we are not afraid of war either. You can't bring peace by being afraid of war.”