My Favorite Quotes
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 Jorge Amaya - “He fought hard. But then I thought he had a good chance at winning this match I didn't think it was that big of an upset because he's a good little wrestler. I don't remember anyone ever beating him. He always beat himself because of the mistakes he made and the points he gave up. He's a good little athlete, probably pound for pound the best athlete in that high school.”
 Jorge Amaya - “He was the one that got us started. That was the key to bringing us back. That started the momentum. If he gets the pin, Elliott (Morse) comes in and goes wild because he wants to get the pin too. Then Ryan (Amaya) has to get a pin. It's a little posse.”
 Jorge Amaya - “We had two guys that transferred in that I'm confident will go to state. And, they were so anxious to get out there -- this was their first night -- and they didn't get to.”
 Jorge Amaya - “He was real rebellious the first half of the season. He didn't want to listen to us. He had his own game plan. Then we'd get back and break down videos and ask him, 'Is this you, or is this somebody else' He really matured in January. I think he finally got tired of us beating on him.”
 Tyler Amaya - “We have to stop those two. They're crafty and pass the ball well around the perimeter and like to take back door cuts.”
 Tyler Amaya - “You can throw out the No. 2 vs. No. 3 thing. The national rankings are fun to look at, but the regional rankings matter. This game was about getting home-court for the playoffs.”
 Jorge Amaya - “But all (underclassmen) have a little chip on their shoulder. I don't know what happens in middle school, but they get to high school and they think they know everything.”