My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Ambrosius - “We are growing as an industry.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “This is the old armchair quarterback theory. Everybody thinks they can be a better coach, a better general manager, a better owner.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “The manufacturers printed a few more and the scarcity left the hobby. Very few cards printed in 1991 are valuable today. They were mass-produced.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “It's the old armchair quarterback theory, that a fan can be a better coach, better owner than the guy in the owner's box. This gives you an opportunity to prove you know football better than the pros.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “It's the old armchair quarterback theory. People always think they're a better coach or the better owner. Fantasy football is tailor-made to live out that armchair quarterback life. You get to pick the players. It's ideal.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “For several years, people weren't quite sure what fantasy football was. But the NFL did a survey two years ago where they found out the people who play fantasy football actually are their season-ticket holders. So now we've turned a corner from, 'Is this gambling' to the realization that, 'Hey, this a fun hobby played by a lot of our fans.' And for the most part, it's bragging rights -- not money -- that people are after in fantasy football.”
 Greg Ambrosius - “The industry has finally realized people are willing to pay for stat service and the content if it's good enough. No doubt the industry is much more stable business-wise because pay service has returned.”