My Favorite Quotes
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 P. D. Van Amburgh - “When my external environment is clouded in doubt and despair ... when the tempests of destruction are making my dreams of success tremble like the topmost spar of a helpless shipwhen the skies seem to hold the closing ruin of all my fondest hopes, my mind, superior amid the outrages of this material world, rests upon the solid, immovable foundation of Faith. There is nothing in myself, but all is in my Master.”
 F. D. Van Amburgh - “Life is work, rest, and recreation, and depending on that recreation 'is the story of one's success or failure.”
 F. D. Van Amburgh - “No legitimate business man ever got started on the road to permanent success by any other means than that of hard, intelligent work, coupled with an earned credit, plus character.”
 F. D. Van Amburgh - “The most unproductive, empty, fruitless fellow in the world is the man with a barren heart. Happiness can never reach him, for nothing good and lasting can lodge in his heart. It is solid as a billiard ball. Contrast this man with his barren heart with the human that plays the game of life fairly and honestly and is willing to make others happy by his own sacrifices.”