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 Agbeli Ameko - “There will be some volatility to the market, but barring any other major disruptions, I think we'll continue to head lower in prices.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “The commercial sector is starting to realize that weather can't be an excuse for financial losses anymore.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “You have a transition to a warming trend. Because it's switched to warmer weather, we've seen the weather markets sell off and of course, the natural-gas markets sell off as well.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “There's been tremendous growth in the weather market, driven by funds that are participating in cross-commodity activity.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “Traders are essentially writing off this winter season and are now focusing on the summer, which will need the additional storage to offset an active hurricane season.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “Prices could remain at or above 38 for the next one to two years.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “A lot of funds are short natural gas so they amplified the downside move. Then, the bounce was on some short covering -- classic speculative volatility.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “Weather impacts business across every segment, and this is the most innovative way to hedge that risk.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “The six- to 10-day forecasts are colder than average, and we're seeing more cold air behind it. It's going to be very bullish for gas, and we may see a really strong rally.”
 Agbeli Ameko - “Prices are being pushed lower ahead of Thursday's storage report.”