My Favorite Quotes
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 Keelan Amelianovich - “It's quite an honor to win an award that gives recognition to the student-athlete. Obviously, it's what Division III is a lot about.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “We were pretty depressed, but later in the night (Friday) we got it together a little bit. Seeing each other in the morning helped a lot.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “We couldn't pull a few out but they were all close games and during each one of those losses we felt that we could have won the game. Knowing that is a great sign because we can make some small adjustments and hopefully change it for the next game.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “We kept urgency. That was a big factor. We kept playing hard on defense and stuck with the game plan.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “It doesn't matter where we play. Our guys love a tough crowd. Hopefully, Lawrence will provide that. I'm sure they will.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “We've had a lot of nervous energy going on. We've been itching to get our hands on a ball and finally get out on this court, the one we've seen in our locker room for four years now. It's just really amazing to get out there and see what it's like.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “We had great intensity the second half. But half a game is not going to get it done against a good team. The opportunities were definitely there. We got some great defensive stops, but we couldn't convert on the other side.”
 Keelan Amelianovich - “I was very comfortable taking a second role to him. There is no doubt about his ability to step up in big games.”