My Favorite Quotes
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 Keith Benjamin - “We're definitely looking to re-establish ourselves at the Garden. Some of the guys are from New York City. We're trying to get back there and get some wins in the Garden this year.”
 Jon Benjamin - “To say to first- and second-generation immigrants to Britain that they should 'go back to where they came from,' that is the kind of language one would expect from one end of the political spectrum.”
 Mohammed Amin - “Give him a pen and papers.”
 Keith Benjamin - “It's a space that I think is going to be huge. Although there have been other companies out there trying to do this, Stamps.com is the first one to figure out how to download (postage) without any hardware, and that could give them a big first-mover advantage.”
 Mohammed Amin - “We will give you a pen.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “Written goals produce greater results than if goals are vaguely floating through your mind.”
 Keith Benjamin - “We just shot so poorly the previous game, we wanted take good shots, and we did.”
 Nasser Amin - “The government wants to block the independence of the judiciary. Judges are speaking out against arbitrary laws and repression of individuals, and so the authorities feel they must stop them.”
 Mohammed Amin - “The defendant should not come in with hand cuffs and shackles. We don't allow this.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “A search for true happiness is found when you look no further than your forehead.”
 Georges Benjamin - “The most frustrating thing to me is that FedEx can do that sort of detailed tracking of what it ships, but public health officials can't do the same thing with flu vaccine. The knowledge of where exactly vaccine is ought to be a public resource. We have a lot of work to do.”
 Georges Benjamin - “The question is what happens with our existing funding We've already had 100 million in reductions in public-health grants in the president's 2006 budget request. Public health is still in a big hole.”
 Jon Benjamin - “I think the message one would hope the mayor would take away from this is that he is not the sole arbiter of standards in public life, that an elected official can nevertheless go beyond what is acceptable.”
 Ginalyn Ofamin - “They took her by ambulance to Wilcox Hospital, where she was in critical condition.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “In most cases, it takes only a few minor adjustments to dramatically improve performance.”
 Robert Benjamin - “The stronger the bar, the more influence it has on everything going on in the galaxy.”
 Medea Benjamin - “We've found that people are hungry for information no matter where they are.”
 Ginalyn Ofamin - “Some of it will be covered by insurance and Social Security, but the rest of it we just don't know.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “Platitudes and generalities can only be sustained when performance exceeds intellect.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “The best way to evaluate a person is by performance not intellect.”
 Keith Benjamin - “The Internet has been a rapid roller coaster, ... I'm not surprised.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “The only lasting investment is an investment in yourself.”
 Jeff Benjamin - “I don't know if it's the best place to find investment bankers. But in our profession, you can use these sites to gauge a person's creativity.”
 Keith Benjamin - “We have a 10-man rotation. We can go out and get the job done. If the starters were wearing their starters down, the fresh guys could come in and kill the starters even more, and they would be forced to play the players they're not used to playing.”
 Jeffrey Benjamin - “The ultimate test of leadership is performance.”

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