My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Amirault - “It's definitely something to be proud of. Those other guys are not a bunch of pushovers. I think there were four guys under 420. The other guys ran pretty good, I just try to push myself to an even higher level.”
 Mark Amirault - “After the race I was a little disappointed because that was the second time I lost to that kid. I thought maybe if it was on a different track I could have beaten that kid, but that's part of racing, the type of track you're on and stuff like that. I always want to win, but that's kind of a reality. It was a good showing to be there and finish second.”
 Mark Amirault - “I'm hoping to get track-side for that one. It's equivalent to being next to your favorite baseball payer or Barry Bonds, in the presence of legends.”