My Favorite Quotes
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 George Tsamis - “Jeremy has power, a good arm and runs better than most catchers I have ever seen.”
 Kingsley Amis - “Laziness has become the chief characteristic of journalism, displacing incompetence”
 Kingsley Amis - “Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go.”
 Kingsley Amis - “Outside every fat man there was an even fatter man trying to close in.”
 Kingsley Amis - “Laziness has become the chief characteristic of journalism, displacing incompetence.”
 Kingsley Amis - “There was no end to the ways in which nice things are nicer than nasty ones.”
 Harold Ramis - “Whenever a critic mentions the salary of an actor, I'm thinking, He's not talking about the movie.”
 Harold Ramis - “There's a personal story of my own that I will write at some point, and it's a film that I will happily make. It could very well be the next thing I do, unless someone shows me something great.”
 Harold Ramis - “The cutting room is where you discover the optimal length of the movie.”
 Harold Ramis - “That's one of the great things about DVD In addition to reaching people who didn't catch the movie in theaters, you get to have this interaction of sorts.”
 Harold Ramis - “Nothing reinforces a professional relationship more than enjoying success with someone.”
 Harold Ramis - “No matter what I have to say, I'm still trying to say it in comedic form.”
 Harold Ramis - “My characters aren't losers. They're rebels. They win by their refusal to play by everyone else's rules.”
 Harold Ramis - “Multiplicity was a movie that tested really well. People seeing the movie really liked it, but then the studio couldn't market it. We opened on a weekend with nine other films.”
 Harold Ramis - “I'm not a believer in the pratfall. I don't think it's funny just to have someone fall down.”
 Harold Ramis - “I'd like to think I'd never do a gratuitous fart joke.”
 Harold Ramis - “I never work just to work. It's some combination of laziness and self-respect.”
 Harold Ramis - “I never read Playboy before I started working there and stopped reading it the day I quit.”
 Harold Ramis - “I had a lot of fun working with John Candy. We had a pretty good rapport.”
 Harold Ramis - “I always claim that the writer has done 90 percent of the director's work.”
 Harold Ramis - “How one handles success or failure is determined by their early childhood.”
 Harold Ramis - “First and foremost, you have to make the movie for yourself. And that's not to say, to hell with everyone else, but what else have you got to go on but your own taste and judgment”
 Alec Lamis - “Bush benefits from talk of terrorism and leadership. He was president when 911 happened, and he responded well in the immediate aftermath.”
 Harold Ramis - “We all wish we could be in more than one place at the same time. People with families feel guilty all the time-if we spend too much time with our family, we feel we're not working hard enough.”
 Jeff Kamis - “We're obviously monitoring the situation closely at this time. We're remaining on schedule, but if we have to adjust, we will, because we want to be safe.”

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