My Favorite Quotes
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 Gene Ammirante - “I thought Andrew did a great job (defensively). When we face 1,000-point scorers like Eric Anthony, you have to treat those guys a little differently, and Andrew did a real nice job with that.”
 Gene Ammirante - “To go out 20 times and be able to come out on the good side all 20 of those times is really a testament to the kids. These four seniors have been together playing for a long time, and I was really hoping to let them share in a 20-0 season.”
 Gene Ammirante - “All of our guys can make those scrappy plays. We've come to expect the defensive effort because those guys just scrap. If you just watch the game you can gloss over Trey's hustling plays.”
 Gene Ammirante - “I don't want to take anything away from Martins Ferry because they did a real good job. We just didn't slam the door shut when we had some chances, but a coach once told me that a win's a win.”
 Gene Ammirante - “I was happy with our decision-making down the stretch. That's probably the best we've done with that this year. We had seen Central come back before, but we managed the game well in the second half.”
 Gene Ammirante - “Nate senses when we're in danger. He had some big drives and foul shots down the stretch and really takes it over.”
 Gene Ammirante - “They made a lot of spirited plays. We left our men at times in the first half and they made shots and then they started earning them, but they deserve a lot of credit for their effort.”
 Gene Ammirante - “I wonder if my mom just got tired of voting for North College Hill.”
 Gene Ammirante - “We are going to try to improve our mental attitude that we are able to defend at a 10 level no matter what happened at the other end.”
 Gene Ammirante - “He does have that ability (intimidation). He's a basket presence defender, but we don't want to get him to block to many shots because when you block a lot of shots it comes with a lot of whistles.”