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 Matt Hammons - “I'm really proud of Nick because he just wrestled the tournament of his life. Last year, he was this pudgy kid who never could crack the lineup. We saw flashes of greatness from him during the regular season and now he just keeps plugging away in the tournaments.”
 Amy Ammons - “It is a part of growth, unfortunately.”
 Bill Sammons - “This reunion is great it keeps you motivated. You kind of turn over a new leaf when something like heart surgery happens to you.”
 Dan Sammons - “She was surprised and concerned to hear he had left the group home.”
 Tony Sammons - “That would kill the legislation. They won't go for that.”
 Larry Ammons - “He got there late and I briefed him. I'm not sure he didn't follow my lead out there.”
 Evan Sammons - “We're starting to get the tour experience under our belts and some labels are starting to take interest in us. It's exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. This is pretty much becoming a focus of everybody's life. We're all dropping everything to do it. The band is showing a lot more promise as we go.”
 Matt Hammons - “There aren't going to be any 'rah-rah' speeches coming from me. We're going to treat district just like any other tournament. I want them to be relaxed and to have fun. I think they'll know when it's time to get serious. I don't want them to be so serious that they'll freeze up before big matches. I just want them to continue wrestling the way they have all year.”
 Matt Hammons - “Greer's win over (Anthony) was his best of the year. He was down 8-1 at one point, but that kid had trouble keeping up with Greer's pace. This is the first time I've seen Greer dig his way out of a hole like that, and I think it all goes back to the fact that he's wrestling more relaxed and confident.”
 Larry Ammons - “Do you really know the commissioners wishes unless we vote on something”
 Matt Hammons - “There was a lot of talk about how we were a young team and about our future. But our kids didn't want to wait to accomplish big things. They worked real hard and I think we had a real good season this year.”
 Tony Sammons - “It's too late for a referendum. If he holds to that, then he will personally have killed the legislation and the joint water-sewer commission.”
 Larry Ammons - “It was pretty obvious to everyone there that there was a significant group that had been part of that for a long time that felt like there were still possibilities.”
 Larry Ammons - “It's a great concept. I saw this house in the fall on a night tour and it's just amazing to see it now, just a few months later.”
 Matt Hammons - “We're going to miss those guys because they brought a lot to our team.”
 Evan Sammons - “We try to put humorous stuff in there. We try to reflect our personalities in the music and lyrics, and we're just weird, goofy guys. We don't want to give off that overly dark vibe. We want to get away from that and make it kind of fun. Our lyrics are very tongue in cheek and sarcastic and not overly serious.”
 Tony Sammons - “We can make a lot more noise together than we can separately.”
 Larry Ammons - “I think the building needs to be used for economic development and I don't think Smoky Mountain Development has been able to accomplish that. They need that off their plate. It is in Haywood County so let Haywood County take it and make something out of it.”
 Bill Sammons - “The girls needed some experience from live pitching and they got it today. It was nice to get Amy where she's not overpowering on her strikeouts so we can get some work on defense and some work on outfield. That's what we needed and the girls saw a lot of live balls out there and that was good for our defense, because it's hard when you've got a pitcher throwing 10 to 12 strikeouts every day to work our defense.”
 John Hammons - “George had a passion for God's calling for him, George McCormick was the man God called upon to blend medicine and law.”
 Bill Sammons - “The girls respond to coaching real well and they want to be the best team they can possibly be too. I'm real proud of that. They'll take discipline and make themselves better.”
 Evan Sammons - “We put so much energy into our stage show. Even if you don't like the music, you'll be entertained. We're so into it we have people hanging upside down from the ceiling, getting up on high places and jumping into the crowd. We've come dangerously close to hitting people before.”
 Evan Sammons - “It was our best tour yet. Every show was a really solid show. There were great crowd responses at a lot of them, especially the Pennsylvania shows.”
 Amy Ammons - “His heroism, patriotism and service to the country are something we all need to see as a role model.”
 Mary Sammons - “All our stores and associates across the country want to help by offering a destination to easily contribute to hurricane relief to raise the funds that are so needed for rescue, recovery and rebuilding.”

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