My Favorite Quotes
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 Tustin Amole - “We received some calls with some new information.”
 Tustin Amole - “He can make those kinds of statements in a classroom provided he gives a balanced point of view. We're trying to determine whether or not he did that.”
 Tustin Amole - “However, we have addressed the issue. We've resolved it to the satisfaction of the parents and student involved. We're moving forward.”
 Tustin Amole - “We do want teachers to express their opinions, but to put that in context and to provide opposing points of view. All discussion must be fair and balanced.”
 Tustin Amole - “I can't comment on the content of the calls, but we want to hear anything anyone thinks is relevant to the investigation before we reach a conclusion.”
 Tustin Amole - “(The suspension) is not a disciplinary action. It is to give us enough time to sit down and gather all the facts.”