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 Johnny Damon - “It's not good anytime you blow a game. The only thing we can do is go out there and give Mo another chance tomorrow.”
 Johnny Damon - “This 'no trade' is probably the biggest thing the Red Sox ever did. There's no way we could survive without Manny for two months of a playoff run. With one swing of the bat, Manny makes a difference, just like he did today.”
 Johnny Damon - “I think Doug coming back is a bigger story because the trade at first really took him by surprise. The fact that he's back, I think, it's a bigger story because he and Wakefield definitely work very well together.”
 Johnny Damon - “I knew when it was hit they were definitely going to be in trouble unless somebody called the ball. Those guys are so important to our team, we need them to get healthy as quick as possible.”
 Johnny Damon - “He's always given me trouble. Mike has so many arm angles and he knows how to spot his pitches. He can set you up with that change-up and then throw a fastball right by you.”
 Johnny Damon - “We are definitely bridging the gap, ... It could get ugly.”
 Johnny Damon - “I wish I had more hits and runs and more wins for this team. It comes in time. I understand it's a game and some are going to be better than others. Hopefully for this team there's a lot of better days to come.”
 Johnny Damon - “I understand how the world works, how the fans work. They may have booed me, but they appreciated the way I played the game.”
 Johnny Damon - “Hopefully, they cheer. If not, I understand because I'm wearing the Yankees uniform.”
 Patrick Hamon - “We have seen a continued drop beyond Paris, but persistence near the capital. We cannot yet claim victory.”
 Johnny Damon - “We are citizens and human beings like everyone else. We understand that we can use our voice and position to help increase the efforts.”
 Johnny Damon - “They're going to keep me from throwing for a couple days. I felt pretty good, but I think they're going to wait until after the off-day on Tuesday. It's a temporary setback, nothing major.”
 Johnny Damon - “It's just a problem for the short term. Long term, I'm good. We'll play it safe and start winning games for the Yankees. We know we have to kind of wait, which kind of stinks.”
 Dan McManamon - “I was just trying to win the race. I planned to stay in second and wait until last lap. At the last lap, I just pushed the race and went for the win.”
 Johnny Damon - “It's weird, because we need to learn how to win these close games. We need to learn how to push across runs. It just shows how good a pitcher can be when he's around the strike zone and doesn't walk anybody.”
 Matt Damon - “I've never seen somebody that famous, ever, ... More than Robin Williams walking down the street in Boston, this guy would walk down the street in Italy and grandmothers would be hanging out of their windows yelling, 'Fiorello, Fiorello.'”
 Johnny Damon - “All these guys are going out and playing hard, we're just not coming through right now. We're going through a rough time, but we still have our heads above water. We're going to be fine.”
 Johnny Damon - “We're going through a tough time but we've still got our heads above water. We're going to be fine.”
 Phil Ramon - “We've got the roof put on but we don't know how much damage was actually done. Water was just pouring down. A lot of things are just going to have to be rebuilt.”
 Johnny Damon - “This team puts itself in a position to win year in and year out. That is something that entices you as a player. If there is a weak link, there will not be a weak link much longer because they are going to go out and get the best player to help them win.”
 Johnny Damon - “Matsui was incredible. Trying to hit a guy throwing 95-plus in 40-degree weather, that's hard.”
 Johnny Damon - “It all feels tough still. It's not just the Yankees chasing us, it's all the wild-card teams, too. It's been an incredible race.”
 Johnny Damon - “He didn't give back runs as rapidly as we did Saturday and that's huge for us. It takes a lot to score runs. Some days it seems pretty easy, but when you keep giving up runs, it takes the wind out of your sails.”
 Johnny Damon - “They came back and kept scoring. It definitely takes some wind out of your sails. There was a lot of running for us out there -- there has been for a while. We definitely need to get better. We know how good we are. Hopefully we can come out tomorrow and change it up.”
 Matt Damon - “a fairy tale about the guys who wrote fairy tales as seen through the eyes of Terry Gilliam in a wild fantasy world only he could create.”

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