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 Jim Amormino - “With the gunman dead, we may never be able to establish a motive. Of course, only he knows that. We'll try investigative procedures. Again, it's going to be difficult. Once we look into his mental health, that may provide us some insight into what happened.”
 Jim Amormino - “We have I.D.'d the man and will attempt to interview him and see what his intentions were.”
 Jim Amormino - “I do not believe there is any terrorism activity. I think that more than likely they could have been stolen property that was dumped. I don't believe they're part, or will be part, of any terrorist investigation.”
 Jim Amormino - “I'm not saying in this case it would have helped. We may not have been able to locate him in time.”
 Jim Amormino - “We're looking into his mental health at the time of the shooting.”
 Jim Amormino - “The victim asked him a second time to slow down, and that's when he was run down. There's no question that it was intentional. This was not an accident.”
 Jim Amormino - “I'm sure they'll be detonated. These are highly explosive and somewhat unstable in salt water. They could definitely injure anyone near, any diver near there, any person in water, any boat near that explosion.”
 Jim Amormino - “They are very unstable in salt water. They do pose a threat to the divers, any swimmers, any boaters in the area.”
 Jim Amormino - “The word we want to get out is that during January, because of New Year's resolutions, a lot of people go to fitness centers, which are crowded. People are advised if they have a wallet or purse to lock them into their trunk.”
 Jim Amormino - “The streets are much safer without him driving drunk. He has caused so much pain to so many families.”
 Jim Amormino - “They were probably tossed. I doubt if they were purposely strategically placed.”
 Jim Amormino - “We did perform an autopsy, but the cause of death was inconclusive pending further microscopic and toxicology tests, which can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.”
 Jim Amormino - “We treated this the same as we would any case. There was no clear evidence of a crime being committed, so there was nothing to book him on.”
 Jim Amormino - “Everything indicates this was probably a body dump.”
 Jim Amormino - “Two men were out sightseeing, stopped at a turnout to look at the creek down below the road and saw a body.”
 Jim Amormino - “It's without a doubt very bizarre behavior.”
 Jim Amormino - “He walked into the bank with his gun drawn and said, 'Don't anybody move. Luckily there were no customers in the bank.”
 Jim Amormino - “He left the bank in a hurry.”
 Jim Amormino - “At the time of the shooting they were engaged in casual conversation, they were not engaged in any verbal confrontation, any argument, anything like that ... she pulled a gun out and began firing.”