My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Amoroso - “ATT ISNN is designed to help users understand potential threats and to help them better protect themselves.”
 Marina Amoroso - “There's really not a great understanding right now about what appeals to parents and kids. It's a market that is tougher to target than other segments.”
 Charlie Amoroso - “An artist took that picture and made a painting of Chris carrying the girl. It has the ruins of the Trade Center in the background. It's a great painting. I was lucky to get a lithograph of the painting. That picture has made its way around the country.”
 Marina Amoroso - “This is a natural extension of location services we've seen serving the business market to track workers and employees. Sprint has built a bridge to the consumer world and to families. Sprint has done a good job ensuring that privacy concerns are kept to a minimum.... Kids can always turn the phone off if they don't want to be tracked.”
 Ed Amoroso - “There is no way to actively portray where security problems are coming from because all attacks look the same, and that forces you to assume the worst every time.”