My Favorite Quotes
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 Tori Amos - “She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own.”
 Tommy Ramos - “Liz did a great job pitching and she didn't give up a lot of hits. (The Hawks) just put back-to-back hits and got their runs.”
 Alberto Ramos - “Investment spending continues to be very vigorous. There was 26 percent growth in investment in the first half of the year.”
 Alberto Ramos - “A backdrop of monetary tightening, high commodity prices, robust productivity growth and buoyant activity will continue to offer support to the peso.”
 Joseph Ramos - “The figures reflect good growth and bode well for 2006 for two reasons international prices (for commodities) are very solid, as well as domestic demand, especially investment which means there will be a bigger rise in productive capacity and sales.”
 Tori Amos - “I have my own parties. They involve being barefoot with a piece of fried chicken and margarita in each hand.”
 Tommy Ramos - “You hate to lose something that close but both teams played hard and it came down to the team that executed and made the fewer mistakes that won. You enjoy games like that. You want to be on the winning end of it. I told the girls that I wasn't upset over that. We just needed to execute in the second game.”
 Tab Ramos - “When you get elected into the Hall of Fame, you get elected into a group of elite people who are the top of the top of the game at the professional level. Just to be standing here is an incredible honor for me.”
 Caridad Ramos - “He paid his respects. We hope it never happens again.”
 Tommy Ramos - “We can definitely use that as a measuring stick and find out what we need to work on. The girls can also get an idea of what it takes to compete at that level.”
 Tommy Ramos - “When you play a tight game like that, hopefully you learn from it. We got comfortable, we got relaxed. Instead of going up there and thinking about team swings we were taking individual swings. We weren't really up there with a purpose until they put a little pressure on us.”
 Joseph Ramos - “The maintaining of the rate reflects that there is not a dangerous core inflation pressure, while the advance in total inflation is due to international price increases in fuel and not due to strong (domestic) demand.”
 Joseph Ramos - “What's pushing these figures is domestic demand, with a major contribution from investment, which means productive capacity should continue growing in the coming quarters.”
 Joseph Ramos - “Investment has been very strong and consumption remains very strong.”
 Tommy Ramos - “In that last game, (the Lady Chaps) kind of got comfortable. That's why we took Sunday off and then got back to work on Monday. (On Tuesday), we only worked on our hitting and I think we'll be ready.”
 Richard Ramos - “The younger they are, the faster they pick up the basic techniques. But the boys, above everything else, come to have fun and it's good that they learn by playing and become disciplined on the field.”
 Tori Amos - “Sometimes you have to do what you don't like to get to where you want to be.”
 Tori Amos - “For the most part, pianos are female to me. Sometimes they're dykes, and they're always good fun.”
 Tori Amos - “What girls do to each other is beyond description. No chinese torture comes close.”
 Tori Amos - “Many people lock a part of themselves away. It's a bit sacred.”
 Tori Amos - “I know I'm an acquired taste - I'm anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things.”
 Wally Amos - “Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it is.”
 Wally Amos - “In some areas I am more noted for reading then I am for cookies”
 Wally Amos - “I believe, along with many others, that you must first ask for what you want before you can have it.”
 Wally Amos - “Email is the greatest thing.”

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