My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Amoss - “Can you come by today”
 Jim Amoss - “I don't think there's any member of my staff who wouldn't trade all of it to get our city back.”
 Jim Amoss - “If the (Super) Dome and Convention Center had harbored large numbers of middle-class white people, it would not have been fertile ground for this type of rumor-mongering.”
 Jim Amoss - “We're both covering the story and we are part of the story. One of our roles that was thrust on us was to make sure the story is told as accurately as can be.”
 Jim Amoss - “Over the years, Mark's colleagues had grown numb to his warnings of the swamped-bowl scenario. But that afternoon his voice and his pallor made me listen.”
 Jim Amoss - “We have an extraordinary team of journalists and employees in this company who are absolutely dedicated to getting this paper out, no matter what the conditions are, people who lost their homes, who didn't know what had become of their families and who kept on working.”
 Jim Amoss - “Our celebration today is tempered by the knowledge that we lost so much -- more than 1,000 people dead and our communities so deeply wounded. If there is a saving grace here, it's the love that tragedy lays bare -- our love for each other, our love for this newspaper, our love for this community. We must love it back to life, and that's what we celebrate today.”
 Jim Amoss - “At this point, James put down his notebook. He stood frozen on the bridge for several minutes as it dawned on him that his house was drowning, that there would be no coming home when this was over. Then he shook himself back into reporter mode, grabbed his pad and continued writing.”