My Favorite Quotes
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 Nabil Amr - “The repeated accusation from Mr. Sharon has become his agenda and this ultimately will close the door before the chances of dealing with the current situation in a responsible way,”
 Nabil Amr - “From now on we will have two authorities and most likely this will lead to a clash. The struggle will be between the president's office on the one hand and the parliament and cabinet on the other.”
 Nabil Amr - “In this context, the Cabinet expressed its support for the serious efforts by the Palestinian security services to uphold the rule of law and reserve public order.”
 Nabil Amr - “There is no real presence of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, ... The security situation is in a very bad state. Our national project is in danger.”
 Nabil Amr - “Now the Palestinian Authority has to re-evaluate the decisions from last night and the necessary steps taken to protect the Palestinian people,”