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 Tom Amstutz - “(Hopkins) making all-conference was a tribute to his hard work, but also maybe a tribute to our tight ends as a group. He sort of represented the group with that honor.”
 Tom Amstutz - “We thought Bruce had a lot of talent and had a good high school experience. But, he has gone beyond what we expected from him. He has gone way beyond what we thought we were getting.”
 Tom Amstutz - “We have a good core group back from a championship team and they understand what it takes to win. Those guys have the guts to lead and they set the bar on how everybody else works. When you have that, you have a program with continuity.”
 Tom Amstutz - “He's willing to do anything to help the university and the football team look good, and it's all honest and genuine with him.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I spent time this winter working and talking about leadership with our team. Once we get back out on the football field we will see the leadership develop. It's important that when a group of seniors leave, a new group of leaders emerges.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I thought it was pretty interesting that old Notre Dame, known for power football for years, spread the football around a little bit.”
 Tom Amstutz - “Obviously, there's going to be more than one opinion. It's kind of a controversial situation. But when I look at everything, I think about helping people first. To me, no matter what someone says, it's still worth helping a young man.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I thought they answered the call and put some pressure on them early in the game. Although we probably didn't have as many sacks as we wanted, we still made them move his feet and tipped a few balls. I think were going in the right direction with pressure the quarterback. Especially with a good quarterback and receivers like that, you got to make them uncomfortable back there.”
 Tom Amstutz - “We came out sharp tonight, and I really can't ask for too much more than what they did in the first five series. The execution was sound and we had a good of mix of runs and passes. Bruce did a nice job of executing the offense and we had other players make players for us. We just have to keep it going.”
 Tom Amstutz - “Both. A good system will feature a talented quarterback and help him be in position to make plays. And a good quarterback gets the job done. It goes hand in hand.”
 Tom Amstutz - “Both coaches did a good job for us, helping us win a MAC championship, win two MAC West titles and go to two bowl games. We wish them good luck in their new jobs.”
 Tom Amstutz - “We've done this three other times before, actually. Remember, we had to teach Tavares Bolden a whole new offense in 2001. Our staff is experienced at it. We know it's a process you have to go through. Patience is required of us to give a guy a chance to develop and become a good quarterback.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I have to be honest. I thought he'd have a chance to be a good player. But never did I dream he could be a three-year starter and play at the level he has.”
 Tom Amstutz - “That will be a huge game for us against a very talented team, probably one of the top 15 teams in the country. It's a great opportunity to play a team of that caliber and see how we measure up.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I expect to see great competition this spring, and I expect to see all our quarterbacks grow and improve. I'm sure the competition will go through spring ball and extend into the summer before we know who our quarterback is going to be.”
 Tom Amstutz - “There have been some good quarterbacks to come through here. Bruce, as far as his college career goes, can match any of them. And he does have potential to play at the next level.”
 Tom Amstutz - “Our players were aware, sure, but they didn't focus on any of that. We prepared well and we executed well. I was proud of the way our team went about its business.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I was pleased with our defense at times, especially with the turnovers we created early in the game. We want to keep offenses out of sync and off balance. That helps you make big plays.”
 Tom Amstutz - “We are better because of having Bruce as a leader. He has a rare work ethic and a rare positive attitude. He's the whole team's quarterback. Everybody believes in him.”
 Tom Amstutz - “What stands out To me, it's the attitude he brings to practice everyday. He's always excited, always ready and there's a contagious aspect to that. Our receivers, for example, know they can't run sloppy routes in practice because Bruce expects more.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I was proud of our defense causing turnovers, and our special teams made big plays. That's a good sign that the attitude of your team is good because the special teams is playing hard.”
 Tom Amstutz - “I don't care about all that stuff. I don't believe in voodoo or jinxes or the curse of the Bambino. Quite frankly, Ball State has outplayed us. Our mental attitude has not been quite right and they've played hard. We need to make sure we're emotionally ready. We called on our seniors this week to make sure our preparation is done right and that we execute and play with emotion in the game.”
 Tom Amstutz - “It's a good teaching day, a fundamentals day, and an evaluation day. And there's a lot to evaluate. We have eight defensive starters back, but we have a new system, so we're looking for the guys with the athletic ability to help out there. We're sorting personnel, getting to know the freshmen, and figuring out where players can best fit in the program.”