My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Amundson - “Our goal was to give them one shot per possession. We did a good job of that. They got some points in the paint, but we took away the perimeter game.”
 Greg Amundson - “She's like John Havlicek right now. She just found out she could score. We're giving (her) the green light.”
 Louis Amundson - “I thought we showed a lot of poise as a team. We stayed together when Colorado State made their run at us. The guys hung in there and it's a great win for us.”
 Greg Amundson - “I'm concentrating on our first game right now. I really haven't thought about it.”
 Louis Amundson - “We're excited to be going up there. The way we've been playing, this is probably the best time for us to come up there.”
 Greg Amundson - “I'm just really pleased with our kids. I think we've earned a shot at another state title, and they're on a mission right now.”
 Greg Amundson - “They're on a mission right now. I thought we played very well defensively today.”
 Greg Amundson - “They get into the mind-set where they believe they can win every game. Tradition has a lot to do with it.”
 Greg Amundson - “If you run, you can play a lot of kids. If you walk, you can play five or six kids. We like to run, so we can get a lot of kids in the game.”
 Louis Amundson - “Man, it feels so good, you don't even know. I've been getting killed here for four years and this is such a tough place to play. I'm just so proud of the guys the way they hung in there and fought.”
 Greg Amundson - “Either team can win on any given night. It depends on who's hot.”
 Louis Amundson - “Every time we made a run, they'd make a shot. It's disappointing to not come out and play hard from the start.”
 Louis Amundson - “Coming off last game (an 81-70 loss Thursday night to San Diego State), we didn't really throw it inside as much as we usually do. We wanted to make it a point to go inside out.”
 Louis Amundson - “We know every game is big at this point. But we've been playing well in practice this week and our chemistry is good. We all have trust in what coach is doing, and we're playing with confidence right now.”
 Louis Amundson - “We're playing well right now. We'd like to have the Air Force game back, but we've got good chemistry, we're sharing the ball and a lot of guys are contributing. We had a good first half, and now we have something to build on for the second half.”