My Favorite Quotes
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 Wendy Anae - “I feel we are coming together nicely and peaking at the right time.”
 Val Anae - “They're not going to sit down. They'll be ready to take us. Our new rotation will take some time to get used to.”
 Wendy Anae - “We did a really good job of getting in the passing the lanes and anticipating. The last time we played them started off in a man and we fell behind. Once we switched to the zone we did well. We stuck with that tonight. I also thought Aubrey really played well for us today.”
 Wendy Anae - “We struggled a little tonight. We turned it over too many times and gave them too many chances. Other than that, I thought we did a good job playing defense inside and were strong on the boards.”
 Val Anae - “(Pratt) basically did the same thing in (the first game) as she did tonight. We put three different girls on her tonight and she still went to the hole. So I give her all the credit in the world -- she did a great job.”
 Val Anae - “She rebounds, she steals the ball, sets up the assists. She's our bread and butter and has really played well. She does the things that don't get a lot of credit.”
 Val Anae - “They're scrappy, they stay in it. They hang in there and hang in there and I give them credit. They kept going to the hole on us and we couldn't really shut off the drive.”