My Favorite Quotes
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 John Anania - “We're looking for a relatively good year in 2006, given that wages are up and the labor market is fairly tight.”
 John Anania - “Most of the jobs created were full-time, the employment rate (percentage of the population 16 years of age and over) remains near all-time highs at 62.7, while the participation rate found a way to rise by 0.1 percentage point to 67.2, again near an all-time high.”
 John Anania - “If we see them increasing their outlook for the world economy in terms of growth and we see that feed into Canada, it may justify another rate hike to 4.50.”
 John Anania - “The bank of Canada is operating textbook econ 101 here in hiking rates in anticipation of inflation going higher 12-16 months in the future, because we're operating at full capacity right now in Canada and it looks like we're going to continue.”