My Favorite Quotes
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 John Anastos - “Imagine you're a three-year-old and you walk into a hospital. Suddenly, things don't smell very well, and the light is a little too bright.”
 John Anastos - “Let's say a young boy is going for a CAT scan. First, he gets to preview various animation themes. He chooses his favorite and takes a holographic RFID badge with a Philips ICODE chip. When he goes into the examination room, he waves the badge at the scanning equipment, and the walls and ceiling come to life with animations, accompanied by music and other sounds. It keeps him relaxed and it's a great way to give him instructions. When it's time for him to hold his breath, he sees a cartoon character holding his own breath”
 John Anastos - “What we've created is not just a room with funny lights, but we've created an encounter that is designed to have an effect on the child. Children and parents have a more satisfying experience and fewer children need to be sedated.”