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 Carlo Ancelotti - “We have to keep going on the way we have over the next games. We have to be ready for the crucial moment in the season.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was an important win for us. We have extended our lead over Inter and need to keep that in the coming games.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Over the span of two games I don't think Milan was inferior to Barcelona. I'm disappointed, obviously, but I don't have any reason to be upset with my players.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was a very balanced match. Milan played well and produced some good scoring chances that unfortunately we did not turn into goals.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “The cold conditions were not good.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We played a good match. We had six minutes of craziness. It was something which can't be explained. It's not the moment of regrets. We are sorry, embittered, but this is soccer.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “There's still hope for the league position. We must train and search for ways to improve our performance.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “I've signed up until 2008 and I am happy. I preferred to stay here. There was a temptation from Real Madrid but I am staying here.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It's the first time in a while that I have my complete squad to choose from, that's already a positive sign.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We're stronger at the back and opponents are having a hard time scoring goals against us. Scoring goals is not our problem. We've always done that.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We are going through a delicate time and we must overcome this situation as soon as possible. We are making mistakes and as usual in football you pay for them.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “This match comes at the perfect time. We're playing at home and the team is charged and confident. We shouldn't have any fears.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It was a good Milan. We played well after being only partially convincing in previous games. We wasted a lot of chances and one has to say that Pagliuca was really good today.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We're heading for our third final in four years and we want to do our very best to not let that go.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “This is our third Champions League semi-final in four years. We are used to these type of games while Barcelona are not.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Lyon is a very strong team with solid organization. We put them under a lot of pressure but they responded well. I wouldn't say we have the advantage, I think it is still 50-50.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “If we want to have any glimmer of hope there's only one result for us on Sunday night and that is to win.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “It is good news that after two games we are still in charge of the group, but nothing has yet been decided and all four teams are still in with a chance of qualifying.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “He has a lot of experience in games like these. He's always able to find the needed motivation, from the first to the last minute.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We are through a difficult moment, and are paying for every single mistake. We must overcome this moment quickly because the Champions League is approaching.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “They have excellent potential and maybe the Champions League took something out of them. It will be a tough test as they rested some of their players that can make a difference.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “This continual rotation of players is very important to make everyone feel useful.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We have to look to play well and get forward. Looking back at the previous home games in Europe this season we have always scored a lot of goals. It's a game where we can't make calculations but our fans will be a help in a match like this.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “Paolo is extraordinary. Despite his continued knee problems he is still able to make outstanding plays.”
 Carlo Ancelotti - “We were in front of a team that had a great rhythm, was very fast and played a great game. Our group came with a little bit more experience and a little luck.”

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