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 Tom Zupancic - “It's a very good deal for both of us.”
 Mario Ancic - “It is very painful and doctors told me that this injury takes eight days to heal. I have a huge wish to play, but the risk is also very big. I will decide on Friday just before the match.”
 Mario Ancic - “It is very painful and doctors told me that this injury takes eight days to heal.”
 Tom Zupancic - “The suites are used to affect companies' bottom line. There has to be a return on their investment.”
 Mario Ancic - “I always thought my Olympic bronze medal was the highlight of my career, ... But this is even better.”
 Mario Ancic - “It was unbelievably difficult. I knew he was serving big and I'd have a really tough time, but the way he returned was impressive. I didn't really expect that. I was expecting many more free points, and he was not giving me any.”
 Mario Ancic - “Of course it's always a little bit strange playing a guy who you just played with in the Davis Cup -- we won together an Olympic medal, and played last year's Davis Cup. But when you are professionals you know in this type of game and this level we can meet all the time.”
 Mario Ancic - “It was not his best day. He was missing more than the last two times we played and he gave me a lot of opportunities to play my game. I was aggressive, a lot of times finishing the point at the net.”
 Mario Ancic - “Today he (Clement) was simply overwhelming.”
 Mario Ancic - “Today he Clement was simply overwhelming. There was nothing I could do. He was simply too strong for me.”
 Mario Ancic - “I'm really happy having played four matches extremely well with unbelievable tempo coming into the final. Today I was really flat but I have to take the positive away from the four good matches I played and focus for (next week's Australian Open in) Melbourne.”
 Mario Ancic - “I've played with a lot of big servers, ... but I've never felt like today, that I really couldn't do anything.”
 Mario Ancic - “We played in Auckland, just before Auckland, and I lost, 7-6, 7-6, but I also had my chances in that match, so I knew it was going to be tough today, ... I tried to play my game and be as aggressive as I could be.”
 Tom Zupancic - “When you walk into this stadium you won't be able to walk out of it without knowing what the name of the stadium is going to be.”
 Mario Ancic - “I am very well prepared, I'm in good physical shape, ... There will be a great atmosphere, it will be a great feeling and we don't want to waste it.”
 Mario Ancic - “We knew it was going to be a tough match. I'm really satisfied to have beaten Ivan who is certainly with Roger Federer one of the best players in the world at the moment.”
 Bob Krizancic - “I've coached 26 years, and he (Meyer) shoots the ball as well (as anyone I've seen). We do shoot the ball fairly well. We're shooting free throws at like 85 percent. It wasn't like a fluke shooting 3s. We had to (shoot well) tonight to win the game.”
 Mario Ancic - “I've lost twice against him, ... This is his home and I know there will be lots of people on his side. No matter what, I will have to play a little better in the quarterfinals, but I'm feeling good.”
 Mario Ancic - “I am not sure people realize how big it is to be at the top of the pyramid.”
 Bob Krizancic - “If I knew exactly why we shoot foul shots well, I would tell you. I think our kids work on it, and they know we like to get to the bucket, so if they get fouled, they have to be able to step up and make those shots. It is particularly critical in the tournament and late in games. We talk all the time about different scenarios and being able to step up at the line.”
 Bob Krizancic - “We played well defensively. We weren't going to give up any easy shots. We wanted to make them earn it every possession.”
 Bob Krizancic - “We knew they were athletic and William Thomas (33 points) is very good, so this is a good game for our kids to play and get a win. We didn't shoot the ball well or rebound all that great, so it is good to just get out of there with a victory.”
 Mario Ancic - “It was a tough match because Ruben is a clay-court player, ... But I think I was playing very well. I was doing the things I needed to do, playing from the back but also looking to come in.”
 Mario Ancic - “I felt everything was under my control. It's an unforgettable match and an unforgettable day. This has been a spectacular year for me.”
 Mario Ancic - “I just tried to be aggressive and play consistent, ... It's been a good year for me so far and it will be even better if I can win tomorrow.”

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