My Favorite Quotes
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 Garth Ancier - “I'll be more specific. The show will lose 16 million this season. . . . At least to us, that's a big number.”
 Garth Ancier - “I'll be more specific. ...This year the show will lose 16 million for The WB, and that's with a license fee reduction from last year. At least to us, that's a big number.”
 Garth Ancier - “We're trying to make this a little bit of a hotter network, a little bit of a younger network.”
 Garth Ancier - “We hear it a lot - my 14-year-old daughter loves your network. I don't watch it, but it's really for her. We're trying to break that perception, because obviously our median age is not 14.”
 Garth Ancier - “Even the biggest hits, even The Sopranos on HBO, even Desperate Housewives is 20 million viewers. We're in a country of . . . 297 million people, almost 300 million. That's a pretty small chunk of it.”
 Garth Ancier - “As much as we all love the show, we do have to run a business.”
 Garth Ancier - “They were just smart business moves to make. This network is a bit more agile and competitive when it is a smaller group.”
 Garth Ancier - “John has distinguished himself with his sound judgment and great leadership skills. He will be a key architect in helping us continue as innovators as we chart our course to higher profitability. ... He always takes a big picture view to everything he does while bringing a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and patience to all matters he deals with qualities that make him the perfect choice to work side by side with me in running the business and operational areas of the network.”
 Garth Ancier - “They're articulating feelings that they don't know how to articulate yet, but a teenager can relate to that and an adult can relate to that,”