My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Francis - “I don't know what I expected at this point of the year, but I do know if I'm not pitching well, I'm not going to be satisfied. I have won 11 games, but there were six weeks left in the season and I had 11 wins, so I should have more. I'm not looking for any way to justify what's happened.”
 Steve Francis - “This should have been a game where everybody was hungry to win. It was at home. We had a streak going. Not just for the streak, but for us -- to show that we've matured, that we should be able to win games that we should win.”
 Steve Francis - “Of course, he's had a lot of things that haven't went his way as far as the season, as far as him coming back to New York. They're not really winning as many games, but I can be a big brother to him even though he's a day older than me. I can be a big brother and help him get those extra victories.”
 Rick Francis - “Shane did a great job. That's nice to have going into the last two games.”
 St. Francis - “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength”
 Mark Francis - “As long as you have the support from the faculty, everything will go well, and everyone gives me lots of support, as I'm sure they'll give the new department head.”
 Robert Francis - “The priority that we give to the recovery of the victims is probably marginally delaying our finding out what happened to cause this catastrophe,”
 John Francis - “We have Italian marble fireplaces, pocket doors and banisters that have been removed. I asked them to give me enough architectural information on the interior of the house to be able to submit paperwork to be a part of the National Historical Landmark nomination,”
 Bob Francis - “The teams are working together, ... Obviously, the forensics has a higher priority. But you try to do it in a way that you give that priority without disadvantaging the accident investigation.”
 David Francis - “In the high-growth healthcare market, you see companies trading at a premium multiple and they end up not performing. These companies are not just getting hit, they're getting hammered.”
 St. Francis - “You damned spirits You can only do what the hand of God allows you to do”
 Mike Francis - “Rodney played one hell of a game. This was the best game he played against us in this whole series. The major difference tonight was he came to play. The two previous games combined he had 11 points.”
 Ron Francis - “That was a lot of fun. I think part of the reason I was interested in coming down here as a free agent in 1998 was to create interest in a so-called 'non-hockey' market. I really enjoyed that run.”
 Steve Francis - “I hope this doesn't come back and bite us in the butt. We're kicking away too many of these now.”
 Rob Francis - “It all came down to this game. I would hope (they are disappointed). They knew what was on the line.”
 Jeff Francis - “Solo home runs usually don't hurt you. But when there's four they do.”
 Steve Francis - “They made some good plays down the stretch and we turned the ball over twice and that really hurt us in crucial situations,”
 Mark Francis - “Information was given to the feds in reference to some type of illegal wiretapping or listening device being used within the department.”
 Shannon Francis - “We'll try to win them both. We'll try to improve our rebounding and focus this week in practice.”
 John Francis - “This is ridiculous. This war is not the same, ... It's not a war. It's an invasion on our part, what we did to those innocent citizens in Iraq.”
 Justice Francis - “(The state) has a significant interest in not meddling in matters in which another state, the one where a couple actually resides, has a paramount interest.”
 Mike Francis - “The guys really responded to what we've been preaching. We're very proud of them. We told them that they would need to step up their intensity late in the season and they responded.”
 Jeff Francis - “When I executed my pitches I had success, ... I can learn a lot from that.”
 John Francis - “Because of all the developments in the area, it is important to lower the limits.”
 St. Francis - “Be who you are and be that well.”

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