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 Terry Francona - “Boston scored only eight runs in the three games against the A's and a total of 24 runs in their last eight. Jason Varitek's slump is at 4-for-41 and Damon's at 5-for-26. I don't think you can score nine runs a game the whole year. ... It doesn't work like that.”
 Terry Francona - “The prognosis is very good. I think four months is when he's allowed to start throwing, give or take. That's the basic diagnosis. I think he's very optimistic about being able to pitch again like he can pitch.”
 Terry Francona - “Anytime you give extra outs, extra opportunities, it is not good. When things don't happen always perfect, we come back and don't let it throw us for a loop.”
 Terry Francona - “I know they didn't have video. I'm not sure what they're going on. So I'm not sure really how to give you a real good comment. It seems like a lot. ... I think it's a bit stiff.”
 Terry Francona - “Once you give up five, ... if they peck away and get one here and get one there, it makes it tougher to win.”
 Terry Francona - “Last year, some of those guys kind of got their veteran status. They went through the trials and tribulations of a real good year and came up a little bit short, but they're a good, young team. We won't underestimate them.”
 Terry Francona - “Our bullpen looks really good.”
 Terry Francona - “Last year he learned how to be a major league starter on a real good team. He hit a couple bumps in the road earlier, but he's good.”
 Terry Francona - “His fastball has been getting hit. When he's gone to his off-speed pitches, he's been real successful. But he can't sneak that fastball by right now. He's just not locating it good enough and he's been getting hit around a little bit. It won't happen all year.”
 Terry Francona - “I've actually been happy with our spring. Our workouts have been good. Guys have done exactly what we've asked them to do.”
 Terry Francona - “You wipe the slate clean. It's probably a good feeling for him. He caught a break. And good for him.”
 Terry Francona - “Regardless of how much (the suspension) bothered him or how he felt about things, he really did a good job to get ready for his start,”
 Terry Francona - “Curt was good and got stronger as the game went on. He's the guy that we wanted out there on Opening Day and it's really nice to see him out there and healthy.”
 Terry Francona - “Good at-bats. It's nice. First pitch, (he hits a) line drive. He ran the bases really well.”
 Terry Francona - “He has a good arm. It gets easier as you get to know guys and get a feel.”
 Terry Francona - “He almost tore my hand off. I don't want to go anywhere near him.”
 Terry Francona - “It means we have one of the most dangerous hitters in the game hitting back-to-back with David Ortiz. When Manny gets hot, he's not going to hit singles. We hope he hits a bunch of homers.”
 Terry Francona - “Yeah, he tolerated it pretty well, ... I think the hope is, and again, we might be reaching a little bit, the hope is that he might be available towards the end of the week. If he's available, he's a pretty good hitter. From where I sit, I appreciate him trying.”
 Terry Francona - “I don't think we did. I hope they do.”
 Terry Francona - “I heard him let out a little yelp. I had a good idea what happened. Either that or Tom Brady had thrown for a touchdown.”
 Terry Francona - “This was one of those things where Theo thought to himself that if we found ourselves in a 12-inning game at some point this weekend and a situation arises where we could use him and we didn't have him . . . he'd be kicking himself.”
 Terry Francona - “From the first to last pitch, I thought we played with an amazing confidence,”
 Terry Francona - “I thought this was by far the best. He's got a fair chance now to be himself.”
 Terry Francona - “He didn't let them spread it out (after falling behind 5-0). As far as he goes, I think he looked more confident. The velocity of his fastball is fine. Executing it and throwing his other pitches, I thought he got a lot better.”
 Terry Francona - “I thought it was a nice reward. He'd hit that line drive to the right spot.”

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