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 Terry Francona - “Even if he can't play the news is good. He's going to be OK, ... We just have to let it settle down.”
 Terry Francona - “They'll go home feeling better than us. The good news is, we've got another one in 12 hours.”
 Terry Francona - “David's had a tough spring. That doesn't mean he's going to have a tough season. You look at him coming off the mound it's human nature to kind of second guess yourself a little bit. He'll get over it.”
 Terry Francona - “He spent all week working and working, and he was very good. We weren't going to let a couple of innings sway our judgment. Red Sox Nation might have been in a little bit of an uproar, but he's too conscientious, and he's too good defensively.”
 Terry Francona - “I actually went out there this morning because they told me not to. Somebody worked their ass off to get it ready. It looked pretty good, considering.”
 Terry Francona - “We talked this morning. The best thing to do for me with David is not talk to you guys because if it's going to get messed up in the translation, it's not worth it. If I'm going to have somebody upset at me, I'd rather have it you guys than him. But we're fine. Everything's fine.”
 Terry Francona - “I think everything's fine (with Ramirez), but we'll need to check on him in the morning.”
 Terry Francona - “I miss him already. He's a good friend of mine.”
 Terry Francona - “The ball, just when he throws it down, guys just swing and miss or they hit grounders. He's in a little bit of a tough spot with us. We have a very full, veteran staff but we certainly like what we see.”
 Terry Francona - “He just needed to settle down and start hitting his spots a little bit. With a lot of good pitchers, if you don't get him early, maybe you miss your opportunity.”
 Terry Francona - “What bothered me is that I just got a memo from the (American) League stating that when (umpires) meet it has to be conclusive. When an umpire in the middle of the field overrules it, that word conclusive (comes to mind). That's a difficult call for me to swallow right there. That was kind of my point.”
 Terry Francona - “We're really pleased. They catch the ball. The offense, we'll see. There have been ups and downs with both of them. If we can get in the middle with both of them, that's probably what we're looking for. They've mixed in really well. Lowell, for instance, he doesn't have to hit cleanup for us. He can hit sixth or seventh. If he doesn't start out like a house of fire, it's not going to be a really big deal for us.”
 Terry Francona - “So if he starts off a little bit slow it won't be front and center because we got guys hitting in the middle of the order. We just want Mike to be as good as he can be. I think we're pretty comfortable that he's going to have a nice year. Does it have to be that breakout or career year No. Just be part of our lineup and keep that lineup moving.”
 Terry Francona - “I saw the same Pap that we've always seen. He competes, he makes pitches and he pounds the strike zone. He gave up a couple of hits, but they have the middle of their order coming up and he made quality pitches to quality hitters. We needed it at that point.”
 Terry Francona - “I think when he is really good he pounds the strike zone and stays out of the middle of the plate. He always throws strikes, but the balls were catching a lot of the plate.”
 Terry Francona - “When he's really good he pounds the strike zone and stays out of the middle of the plate.”
 Terry Francona - “He really looked good. It never fails. The one guy that you maybe want to protect a little bit is right in the middle of all the base running.”
 Terry Francona - “He's an awesome guy. He's one of the best players in the league. All the things we bragged about him the last couple of years, they don't just go away because he changed his uniform. He's a good player with short hair, long hair, it doesn't matter.”
 Terry Francona - “Sunday might be the most important game of the year. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. I have tried like hell to figure out how to stop this rain. I just can't do it. I got here at 1030 this morning and I prepared ... couldn't stop it. I have no frustration over that. What you do is handle things the best way you know how. That's what we'll do.”
 Terry Francona - “When you get down to your last game, you can have a bullpen full of everybody. You can't do that right now. We need somebody to make these starts. While they're still starting, they need to start. Once we get past each guy's start, you may see various guys going out of that bullpen as soon as they're available. That's a definite.”
 Terry Francona - “We wanted to make sure everybody left in the same shape they came.”
 Terry Francona - “He's going to have to be a little flexible, and we'll work this out. If there's not flexibility on his part, too, we'll probably bump heads a little bit, but we'll make it work.”
 Nelva Ancona - “Family for us is very important. Separating our family is terrible. I saw the father trying to make dinner for those kids, telling white lies so they would not suffer.”
 Terry Francona - “And I went back to make sure he wasn't lying. I checked in the cage, and asked the guys who were throwing to him.”
 Terry Francona - “I asked him on Thursday if he wanted to make the trip on Friday. He could have stayed back. He wanted to get work against major league pitchers. He spent five hours on a bus to do it.”

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