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 Terry Francona - “Really I wouldn't comment on mine this year, so I wouldn't comment on his contract. He's probably going to be really happy.”
 Terry Francona - “He's that good. I think with confidence and a lot of hard work and preparation, the guy has just become better and better. There are times when we've needed him to be that good, and he's delivered.”
 Terry Francona - “I'll watch him throw, and if we think he's doing great, then we'll put him back in there. We're just trying to factor in us winning and getting him back to throwing with confidence.”
 Terry Francona - “It's different. You've got to win today's game. It's almost like every game's an elimination game. I think it's a compliment to the teams the U.S. played against, and also it's the timing, so you don't get a true read of the teams. How many games of consequence do you have where a catcher plays half a game”
 Terry Francona - “They had this thing kind of mapped out. I don't think this is a real deviation from the plan. I just think they wanted probably to test him further with better hitters. I don't think he got challenged a lot (in Double-A). They let him go through the order more than once. I think they wanted to have him maybe face a little better competition.”
 Terry Francona - “I'm not interested in making the Damon-Crisp comparison because I don't think it's really pertinent or fair. This kid's at a different time in his career. ... We're going to see probably the best years of his career.”
 Terry Francona - “I think he felt like somebody might have pushed his buttons a little bit. I try to speak in generalities, because I don't want to ever communicate through the media. I think he felt like maybe I did that a little bit. I certainly don't ever want to do that.”
 Terry Francona - “I don't know that there's really a threshold. I think around the 75-pitch mark. But it would be stupid to say 'Well, you're at 75 pitches. You're done,' if it's in the middle of a hitter and he's throwing well. You just have to use common sense. It's more how hard he has to work in an inning.”
 Terry Francona - “He said about the fourth inning, all the sudden it clicked with his fastball command. I'll bet having the run support had something to do with that because he had some room for error. He could go out and be aggressive.”
 Terry Francona - “Before he could get in a rhythm, he was down four runs. He just didn't have command of his pitches.”
 Terry Francona - “There's a big sense of comfort for me when he's out there pitching. He knows what he's doing and even if it's not perfect, he's going to compete. He's not going to give in.”
 Terry Francona - “You get to the ninth inning and your stomach is clear up to here. But it's not because of your job. It is because you want to win so badly.”
 Terry Francona - “On the second ball, (John) Olerud had the best line They need to put out a public address and tell the children to be careful.' It was a gorgeous swing from a very strong man,”
 Terry Francona - “That's why we took Trot and Manny out. If you're gonna lose, rather than have them chase balls down all afternoon, try to come out Sunday and give a good effort and salvage something out of the series.”
 Terry Francona - “Don't get me wrong These people love the Patriots. But they wake up and want to know what happened to the Red Sox. I mean, they really care. It's unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it. It's part of what's so good. But I'm right smack in the middle of it, and it gives me a headache sometimes. I know what it means to these people. I just want to do what's right for our team. I love living through this with them.”
 Terry Francona - “I wasn't aware of that rookie record, and I really don't care, because I just think he's a good pitcher. I don't know that those guys come along that often where you can rely on them.”
 Terry Francona - “We all love Johnny. We don't want him to get hits against us. The fans were just showing their emotions. I think every player out there would rather be in that situation than having fans that don't care. I've been on both sides. That's not good. It's not the end of the world. It's just some very passionate fans having some fun at somebody else's expense.”
 Terry Francona - “I miss him already. He's a good friend of mine. We really care a lot about him getting healthy. Nip will do a great job professionally.”
 Terry Francona - “From this point out, I think we'll be doing it on an individual basis. I mean, we've already talked to a few guys. They're going to stay in camp. How they do the paperwork, I don't know.”
 Terry Francona - “He really worked hard. He's very well prepared coming into this camp. He's not playing catch-up. He's strong. It's very obvious he worked hard this winter. He just came into camp ready to go.”
 Terry Francona - “We're going home. We have a lot of business to tend to, but at home we hope to be a force. We have an important week it'll be fun.”
 Terry Francona - “He wanted to go and have a little catch and get the blood flowing.”
 Terry Francona - “It's only been one week, but we're trying to play winning baseball. That's all you ever ask. We're doing some little things, we're doing some big things. I think the consistent effort has been there every day, that's great, because we think we have a good team.”
 Terry Francona - “You feel better after a win. But it's not like we can live it up and pound our chests. We have to beat one of the best pitchers in baseball tomorrow.”
 Terry Francona - “It's (only) been one week, but we're trying to play winning baseball.”

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