My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Ancram - “This confirms what we have long suspected that the government is involved in putting together a deal to sell out British sovereignty and try and bounce the people of Gibraltar into accepting such a deal.”
 Michael Ancram - “This is a very important moment in Gibraltar's history -- 300 years of being British, which is rather longer than it was ever Spanish.”
 Michael Ancram - “It has been three years since the government published details of the options regarding the regulation of private military companies, yet ministers have failed to find a solution.”
 Michael Ancram - “We will lose control of our home affairs. We will lose control, I believe, eventually of our foreign policy and our defense policy. I find these totally unacceptable.”
 Michael Ancram - “Sometimes conflict is necessary in the short term to achieve peace through the threat of aggression, and sometimes it is the threat of conflict which can establish peace.”
 Michael Ancram - “It may be unpleasant, but you can give a very hard signal which isn't going to hurt people as such but is going to at least give a chance of registering in the minds of the Iranian people that what their president is doing is unacceptable to the international community.”
 Michael Ancram - “Shared sovereignty doesn't work, because sovereignty depends on being able to exercise authority,”